Plane crash in southern Sudan in November 4 2015. The circumstances and reasons.
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Plane crash in southern Sudan in November 4 2015. The circumstances and reasons.

Plane crash in southern Sudan in November 4 2015. The circumstances and reasons.


Today, November 4 2015 years 5 after only days after the terrible plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula that has cost the life of 224 people, there was another, far less a tragedy - in southern Sudan crashed cargo plane AN-12. As a result of the incident killed 41 people, while, two more people, according to initial data, on board the ill-fated aircraft, delivered to a local hospital in critical condition.



The official investigation into the plane crash in South Sudan has not yet officially begun, and even the rescuers could not locate the wreckage of the aircraft "black boxes", but experts have expressed some versions of what happened. What happened to the aircraft AN-12 in Southern Sudan, and under what circumstances the killing dozens of people?


Technical fault An-12


The initial cause of the crash of AN-12 aircraft was named a technical failure of the aircraft. As noted by direct witnesses of the crash occurred, the aircraft, almost immediately after takeoff attempts to carry out began to lose altitude smoothly that prompted to the version on the refusal of the power plant of the aircraft. However, opinions diverged further witnesses - some of them claimed that the AN-12 engines worked, at least, as it could see ordinary citizens.



In addition, it is necessary to clarify that the model of the An-12 has 4 aircraft engines, and even in that case, if the two powerplants are out of order, then with high probability the aircraft could continue flying, or at least return to the airport Juba.


Plane Congestion


A few hours after the crash occurred, Juba International Airport management has made a statement that the aircraft AN-12 could be overloaded. This version can be proved by the fact that in fact, the pilots of the aircraft carried off almost at the border of the runway, and in addition, the aircraft immediately after the climb, was gradually losing her, and covered the distance in 800 meters, It fell by the river.



According to representatives of the Juba airport, a large number of cargo was on board the aircraft, and in addition, there is also present unadjusted number of passengers - according to some on board the AN-12 was 12 people (including crew), but later there were reports that that the plane could be up to 20 people.

However, according to the official flight performance of the aircraft, the An-12 board may take up to 21 tons of payload, and is to doubt that there were more cargo on board the aircraft, although at the moment the data and need to be careful check.


Error crew


Experts do not exclude also the version that the An-12 plane could crash and because of an error of any of the crew members of the aircraft. This version is currently one of the most considered due to the fact that it was found that at the time of departure from the airport, the plane was in good technical condition.


The first images from the crash site of An-12 in Southern Sudan


What exactly could go wrong at the moment it is found out by experts, however, should clarify that about 30% crashed for all the time the aircraft AN-12, wrecked precisely because of the human factor, and we are talking about more than 230 accidents involving models An-12.

Who is to blame for the crash of AN-12 in Southern Sudan, equipment or people to be seen in the art, however, even this will not bring back to life dozens of human lives.


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