Airlines in the run-up to the crisis?
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Airlines in the run-up to the crisis?

Airlines on the eve of the crisis?


  Any airline is a complex multi-structural enterprise. It covers a wide variety of activities. One of the main components of this financing and profitability. Perhaps, everything that, one way or another, is connected with aviation, requires solid funding and good forecasting. In connection with the latest political events, and this is the "landing" DobroletAnd the likelihood of sanctions for European carriers, and the likelihood of retaliatory sanctions, depreciation of shares in Russian airlines, these events make the domestic carriers to optimize the financial component of its activities.


Airlines in the run-up to the crisis?


If traditionally it was profitable overseas flights

in the light of recent events, the airlines pay

more attention to domestic traffic.


If the traditionally profitable were foreign flights, in the light of recent events, airlines are paying increasing attention to domestic transportation. And the main focus is on economy class passengers. For the average user air routes, this is a definite plus. Far from everyone who, in one way or another, often has to fly, use the first class or business class. And it can not but rejoice that the airlines finally paid attention to the most massive passenger of their flights. There is a smooth transition from the formula "less, but more expensive," to the formula "cheaper, but more." Perhaps, the difference in the quality of service on international lines, and on domestic flights will begin to erode. Probably, the number of flights that will cover unpopular among city carriers and routes will increase.

Airlines in anticipation of the crisis? 34

Utair, Became one of the first companies to think about restructuring, to reduce losses. As stated by the company's management at the end of July, the restructuring is carried out in connection with the decrease in demand for air transportation, and in connection with the expected deterioration of the economic situation as a whole. The airline plans to optimize the aviation network. Reduce aircraft downtime, by increasing the efficiency of maintenance, planning and automating maintenance and repair (MRO). Increase the efficiency of work with passengers. One of the important directions of the company is the emphasis on low-budget air transportation. For this purpose, it is planned to purchase airplanes configured for economy class. As well as refitting part of the existing machines for budget flights. Also in the plans of the airline, reduction of the management apparatus, reduction or deep restructuring of the subsidiaries and dependent organizations of the holding.

All these activities could not generate interest in the market. Since, as the world practice shows, such actions resemble a pre-training or preparation for a merger with a major alliance. As a rule, all such actions are made to "fit" the structure of the airline under the terms of a possible buyer or partner.

Well, how much such actions will be beneficial to ordinary passengers, time will tell. 


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