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Airline Air New Zealand

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Air New Zealand - New Zealand's national airline. The company provides air transportation on domestic and 27 29 international destinations. According to statistics, every year the company transports more than 11 million. Passengers.

The company was founded in the year 1940 as the Tasman Empire Airways Limited, and at that time committed once a week flight from Auckland to Sydney. In 1956 the controlling block of shares passed the New Zealand Government and the company was renamed Air New Zealand. In 1965, in connection with the expansion of the company has significantly expanded its route network, and Air New Zealand aircraft began servicing flights to the United States.

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In 1978 was merged with Air New Zealand subsidiary company for further growth and expansion of a single national flag carrier. In 1989 the airline was privatized in the early 2000-ies Air New Zealand announced its intention to acquire shares 50% Ansett Australia. As it turned out, this decision was not the best and in the end, the company suffered losses.

In 2001 was Air New Zealand has been re-nationalized to avoid bankruptcy. A year later, the company management decided to reconfigure the company's activities and to develop further on another business model as a budget airline. This decision proved to be more than right and brought the company high profit. At the same time orders for the purchase of new jet aircraft were made.

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In December 2010, the New Zealand Government approved the alliance between Air New Zealand and Australia's Virgin Blue, which will allow both companies to expand ties between Australia and New Zealand.

For several years, Air New Zealand is the main sponsor of the national team of New Zealand rugby.

The company's fleet is represented by two models of planes: Boeing - a jet plane for long-haul flights, and Airbus - for flights over short distances. In total, the company's air fleet of about 50 aircraft.

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The company offers its passengers an exclusive offer - Koru Lounge. Participants programmyAir New Zealand Koru can gain access to special lounges, they are given the opportunity to enjoy private parking. For passengers on international flights are available lounges with a wide range of services: Internet access, the ability to use the printer, showers, business centers, snacks.

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Basic data Air New Zealand airline:

  • Year of occurrence: 1940.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: NZ.
  • ICAO airline code: ANZ.


Membership in the Alliance: Star Alliance.


Airline Air New Zealand. Official site: http://

Airline Air New Zealand. Official site.


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Uniforms stewardess Air New Zealand airline. New Zealand.

Uniforms stewardess Air New Zealand airline. New Zealand.


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Flight attendants, of course, not as nice as in the pictures, but people - gold! Assist, explain and do for you all that is in their power. Highly recommend!

Even in the three-hour flight well fed. Flight attendants attentive and smiling. Only the lack of business-class, and you can suffer because the service is worth the minuses.

Flew home to Moscow airport delay was already on 50 minutes, which is very surprising, always believed that they debugged all the details. And the rest of the flight went perfectly normal. All the necessary food, and wet wipes were given, at the same time, and took off and landed smoothly.

Most liked the speed of service, which is not worse than the planes of the international class. I recommend!

Flew with this airline many times. The last flight from Los Angeles to Auckland. We could fly in transit through China or Korea, but we chose to dock in LA, where we had to stay for a whole week. First there was a flight from Moscow (Aeroflot), then the Air NZ flight from London to Oakland with a landing in Los Angeles. In appearance, the Boeing 777-300ER ZK-OKP looks relatively new. Part of the British descended in America, in Los Angeles there were few passengers - about 70-80 people. The aircraft was filled approximately by 70%. Quite comfortable flight. During sleep I was located at 3 places. Food is enough (especially after Aeroflot), the crew is excellent, no turbulence was observed. The flight is completely satisfied. However, if there were no entertainment on the plane, it would be boring. The air-conditioning is weak, so it was stuffy on board. In general, the airline is not bad. Soon again I will use her services, accomplish the results.