Airline Ak Bars Aero
Airline Ak Bars Aero

Airline Ak Bars Aero (Ak Bars Aero). Official site.


The history of the airline "Ak Bars Aero" dates back to 1953 year since the founding of Bugulma Aviation Enterprise. Almost immediately after the construction of the airport began flights between Kazan, but if in those days used only 2 aircraft - On-2 and An-2Then at the moment, at the time of the mid-2014 years, the fleet of "Ak Bars Aero" has 52 aircraft that allows you to make air travel not only in the regional center of the Russian Federation, but also to carry out flights and for its limits.


"Ak Bars Aero" - a regional air carrier of the Republic of Tatarstan, which was formed on the basis of "Bugulma airline". The company specializes in scheduled and charter flights abroad, as well as the central part of Russia and Siberia. The airline has three basic airport: Kazan Begishevo, Bugulma with headquarters in the city of Kazan. The controlling stake is owned holding "Svyazinvestneftekhim."

The history of the formation of the company

In 1957 year began working with passenger traffic. Airport Work launched around the clock. Fleet added by IL-14, Li-2, which were binding to the Kazan enterprise.

Before 1972 on the basis of Bugulma Bugulma Airport was formed Joint Squadron. Link AN-2 included in the Volga Aviation Administration.

In 1972 it was obtained one of the first jet aircraft Yak-40 for passenger transport in the region. Also this year, took place the reconstruction of the runway and airport facilities built complex: terminal for passengers, hotel, repair hangar.

By 1986, the company opened the daily flights in the direction of Leningrad, Moscow, Samara, Tyumen, Surgut. Park Yak-40 27 has units and is the largest in the country.

During perestroika begins another reconstruction of the airport, the purpose of which is the implementation of receiving large aircraft models Yak-42 and Tu-154. Adding a new runway.

Before 1993, the company is on the brink of survival. Reconstruction of stops due to state funding cuts. Accordingly, the reduced number of flights and passenger traffic. It takes a reduction of employees. The company was renamed in OJSC "Airline Bugulminskoye." Under this name the company exists to 2009 years.

In 2009, the company goes under the wing of the holding company "Ak Bars". It begins reconstruction and modernization of airport facilities Bugulma. These measures provide an opportunity receiving aircraft such as Bombardier model Challenger 604 and CRJ-200. Kazan Airport staff the helipad with helicopter Mi brands, Bell, Robinson.

The final name of "Ak Bars Aero" company receives in 2010 year. We are updating the fleet. 7 purchased aircraft Bombardier CRJ-200LR, intended for regional transportation, as well as an upgrade of existing models to the Yak 40D. These steps the company a new level. Unfold routes from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg.

In 2011 the company began to make international flights to Europe and the resort cities of the Middle East. Also this year, there was an option of business traffic.

After the plane airline "Tatarstan" was wrecked at Kazan airport, part of the balance of the sides became "Ak Bars Aero".

Since early January 2015 year indefinitely suspended the commission of scheduled flights. In late January, will take effect the initial stage of the bankruptcy process.

16 April 2015, the Federal Air Transport Agency revoked operator certificate.



• 6 April 2012 years helicopter Bell 407 because of the low cloud crashed near Novosheshminska. The pilot was killed.

• 7 2014 July, during the driving of the helicopter made an emergency landing Robinson R44. The pilot was seriously injured.

Interesting fact

The company is registered in Russia, the youngest crew chief - Dmitry Kolesnikov.

To date, the airline "Ak Bars Aero" makes charter flights to those regions of the world such as France, Italy, Finland, Austria, etc. It should be noted that a charter air service now well developed, and this development continues - in the most immediate plans to establish an air carrier for flights to Spain and Germany.



Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;

  • By regional air flights in Central Russia, he was called up to 2009 Bugulma airline.

  • Year of occurrence: 1953;

  • IATA airline code: 2B;

  • ICAO airline code: BGM;

  • Domestic airline code: BG;


Ak Bars Aero airline official website.

Ak Bars Aero (Ak Bars Aero). Official site


Contact details:

  • Postal Airlines Address: Airport, Bugulma, Tatarstan, Russia, 423230;

  • City Airline Phone: + 78003332343;

  • Airlines Fax: + 78559457004;

  • E-mail Airlines:[Email protected];

  • Base airport airport Kazan, Bugulma.

  • Domestic flights: Bugulma, Astrakhan, Kazan, Gelendzhik, Magnitogorsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Mineralnye Vody, Nizhnekamsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Penza, Surgut, Sochi, Perm, Ufa, Chelyabinsk.

  • International flights: Kiev, Baku, Munich.

  • The airplane airline's fleet are aircraft Bombardier Challenger, Bombardier CRJ-100 / 200, Yakovlev Yak-40.


Uniforms stewardess: Ak Bars Aero (AK BARS AERO). Russia.

Uniforms stewardess: Ak Bars Aero (AK BARS AERO). Russia.


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They gave me rotten meat and that for my money, because the power they have on board is paid. After I expressed my dissatisfaction with the attendant outrage replaced him. Very displeased.

Vadim, that gave that and eat, at an altitude of 11 km the choice is severely limited, in addition, you could come out at any time ;-)

As always I promise myself that fly Bars last time, but do not have to choose a particular flight and repeated with precision inside and out. Service no, planes are very old, but the price for the tickets is quite tolerable, given that the time of flight takes less than an hour.

Flight schedule at the request of passengers is not provided. Therefore, I can not independently choose the suitable flight. For this I necessarily have to go to the airport, stand in a queue to the cashier and long and you need to find out from his collaborators.

Prices for flight scheduled unreasonably, because for the same amount I can fly on the same company twice that distance.

A great airline. Regularly flown in the direction of St. Petersburg-Kazan. The flights passed without delay, and the main thing was that there were no force majeure situations. Have no idea, from where on the Internet negative reviews are taken. The take-off passes smoothly, and the landing itself is smooth and soft. Even if the plane has been circling for half an hour in the air in order to obtain permission to land, there is nothing wrong with this. This can happen to any airline. Again, I'm waiting for the next flight, otherwise I will not get to Chelny in another way. I do not like transplants, and there is no desire from Kazan to go. AkBarsAero is an excellent airline with good pilots and flight attendants.

Many times I have used the airline "Ak Bars Aero". The last flight was the best, the crew is great, the flight attendants molodchinka. When loading the aircraft, the pilot told us some information in two languages. Takeoff and landing was soft, the flight attendants were given magazines, drinks, blankets and all yummy. The flight was quiet, the place is very convenient and comfortable. Everything was just super, many thanks to all the crew and the airline "Ak Bars Aero".

Recently I flew the airline "Ak Bars Aero", flight from Bugulma to Moscow. No complaints. I flew on an airplane Bombardier CRJ-200LR, small aircraft but comfortable and very fast. Takeoff and landing are not even felt. The food is good and tasty. I liked the fact that in spite of the small size of the aircraft, there are plenty of legroom. So sit well and comfortably. Satisfied.

Regularly fly flights a / k Ak Bars Aero St. Petersburg-Kazan, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, occasionally Msc-Spb. In general, airline like. Over the years 4 that regularly use their services, a serious delay was 1 times, and then on the weather conditions (severe winter 2010;). And once an hour flight was detained for SPIEF. Quality of service is good, the staff helpful and friendly. As for supply- on flights that last just over 2h hours- basically sandwich and coffee-acceptable. Aircraft is very cozy and clean. In general, a good airline. I will often use a / k Ak Bars Aero.