Airline American Eagle Airlines
Airline American Eagle Airlines

The airline American Eagle Airlines (American Eagle Airlines). Official site.


American Eagle Airlines - brand (trademark) Aviation Holding AMR Corporation, which is used by its subsidiary air carriers Executive Airlines, headquartered in San Juan (Puerto Rico) and American Eagle Airlines Inc. (formerly Simmons Airlines), headquartered in Fort Worth (TX) for regional passenger transport in the main airport hubs aviation company American Airlines, also a member of the aviation holding company AMR Corporation.

Daily under the brand American Eagle Airlines performed more than 1800 160 flights to cities in Mexico, the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. All scheduled flights are performed as part of the route network traffic the global airline alliance Oneworld, while on flights to California airports operate code-sharing agreement with the US aviation companies mainline Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

American Eagle Airlines - the largest passenger transportation system among all the regional aviation companies in the world.


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Air carriers which operate under the brand name American Eagle is used as its own passenger hubs International Airport Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, the International Airport Luis Munoz Marin in San Juan International Airport, Los Angeles, Miami International Airport, Logan International Airport in Boston, John F. Kennedy International Airport in Washington and LaGuardia Airport in New York.

American Eagle Airlines

Carriers brand American Eagle also contain a base for repair and maintenance of aircraft, which are in cities Highvill (Arkansas), Abilene (Texas), Columbus (Ohio) International Airport Sawyer in the city Markvett (Michigan) and regional airports Springfield / Branson.



Initially, under the brand name American Eagle Airlines operated several independent regional carriers, which have a one-time contracts with AMR Corporation to execute regular flights the stipulated advance routes. The first regular flight under the brand American Eagle Airlines was in November 1 1984 vypolnёn, the aviation company Metroflight Airlines from Fayetteville (AR) International Airport Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport. Later, under this trademark in the appropriate livery on scheduled flights were regional aircraft aviation companies Command Airways, Executive Airlines, Simmons Airlines, Air Virginia, Chaparral Airlines and Wings West Airlines.

Independent aviation company operates under the brand American Eagle Airlines to 1987 years, and for the next one and a half years of aircraft holding AMR Corporation acquired three series of the above region, starting with the company Simmons Airlines. In the middle of the year 1991 joined by a fourth aviation company and 15 May 1998 year held merger carriers Flagship Airlines and Wings West Airlines with Simmons Airlines, then the common name of the united aviation company was changed to American Eagle Airlines. The number of operating air operator certificates was reduced to two units under the holding unit Executive Airlines and American Eagle Airlines Inc.



The average age of Air Force aircraft, which operates under the brand American Eagle Airlines, as of February 2010 9,2 year was the year.

Country Airlines: United States The airline American Eagle Airlines (American Eagle Airlines). Official site..

As the world's second largest regional company.

Year of occurrence airlines: 1984.

The airline American Eagle Airlines (American Eagle Airlines). Official sayt.1

Major airlines codes:

  • IATA airline code: MQ.
  • ICAO airline code: EGF.


American Eagle Airlines (American Eagle Airlines). Official

The airline American Eagle Airlines (American Eagle Airlines). Official sayt.2

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Compare American Eagle Airlines with Russian companies is still that hold general line between business class car and Cossacks did not go to any comparison. Here, you get much more than that. For what you pay, the ratio is depending on your requirements presented during the flight remains fairly stable.

Quite often I use the services of American Eagle Airlines. First encountered it when my flight was canceled and I urgently needed to replace the ticket. In the future, it has deliberately chosen, even though it was a lot cheaper options. I can not say that I am very wealthy man, however, was used to value their time and nerves, so now only the priority of the airline.

It so happened that I had to fly with my wife and a small child. Flew at night and in an airplane, for some reason it was so cold that even the rugs, carefully issued by the stewardess, did not save. As the child requires, constant supervision had to carry his entire flight on his hands, and in view of the fact that the road is not close upset that they did not offer baby food, well. That we took a bottle with us at the airport, otherwise we would have to hear, cry until the landing. The wife continued to be nervous until the very house that the child would fall ill so that the impressions from the flight did not particularly please me.

Not pleased, the staff managed to lose the suitcase full of gifts I was bringing native of Dubai and did not bother to find them. My sister says that perhaps they dismantled their mother, because I'm not skimp on the purchase. A representative of the company to which I have repeatedly contacted just throws up his hands. By offering to reimburse the cost of baggage only if I prove that the loss was caused by the airline.

Wonderful airline! Arrival and departure takes place without delay. On board they offer a lot of different drinks. The food is delicious. Flight attendants are attentive to the passengers, always smiling. Personally, I have never encountered a loss of luggage. Several times already used their services and all advise.