Airline Ararat InterneshnlEyrlayn
Airline Ararat InterneshnlEyrlayn

Airline Ararat International Airline. Official site.

Ararat International Airline was founded in 2010, operating in Armenia. The airline's aircraft were based at Zvartnoy Airport, which is located in the city of Yerevan. The company did not carry out regular shipments, as it specialized in charter flights from Yerevan to all corners of the planet. The aircraft fleet is very poor, since it consisted of a single passenger liner of the Douglas MD-80 type. Ararat Airlines ended its operations in 2013 year, and the only aircraft was leased to another airline.

Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Armenia

  • Charter international flights to Yerevan

  • Year of Appearance: 2010

  • IATA airline code: 4A

  • ICAO airline code: RRN

  • Base airport airports are: Yerevan Zvartnots

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: McDonnellDouglasMD80.

Ararat International Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82

Ararat International Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82

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