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Airline Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian Airlines). Official site.


Ethiopian Airlines (AMX የኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ, የኢትዮጵያ, Ethiopian Airlines.) - State Aircraft Company Ethiopia, which carries freight and passengers more than in cities 50. Headquarters is located in Addis Ababa. Port of Registry - Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. Based in December 30 1945 years.


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines Ethiopia.

  • National Aviation Company of Ethiopia.

  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1946.

  • IATA airline code: ET.

  • ICAO airline code: ETH.

  • Airlines is a member of the alliance: StarAlliance.


Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian Airlines). Official site:

Ethiopian Airlines 232


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Struck by that aircraft staff speaks not only in Russian and English, but in Chinese. I do not know how well she explained with the high places, who sat in front of me, but they seemed to be much more impressed than I was! I think they have not time fly like a flight, and about me, and say nothing. Very satisfied with the service!

For me, Ethiopian Airlines has become a first-class international airline fully justifies all the positive reviews in his address. Good luck with your onward flight and the weather is always good!

On the contrary I still very much enjoyed it. As an example I can cite a case where the fault of the airline, we missed your flight, which cost us back in full, and even helped with the extension of the visa. Now only fly to them. And I want to say that this is not a flight, but a fairy tale.

Complete disappointment from the flight. I can say that on board the only English-speaking staff, which places a lot of people make flights above the third grade.

I fly to Addis Ababa from Beijing, with a stopover in Delhi. Airline wonderful. Very courteous flight attendants. On board serve alcohol in unlimited quantities. Pilots with a good sense of humor. All passengers flying they lifted the mood. Commented on the weather and the view behind. Ethiopian Airlines put solid 5ku!