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Air Company "Air Caucasus" is often referred to as Air Caucasus, a fairly young airline that is trying to take its rightful place in the world market of air transportation. The year of foundation of the company is 2012, when on the territory of Georgia it started its activity. It should be noted that the first flights of the company's liners began to be carried out only from 2013 year. The first flight of the airline was carried out in mid-August 2013 with the use of a Boeing MD-83 aircraft. Despite a short period of work in this area, the company has established itself as a reliable and responsible carrier of passengers. The foundation of the company became possible due to the cooperation of Georgian and Singaporean investors.

The main development strategy of the airline is a significant expansion of the geography of routes to all corners of the planet. It should be noted that the development and success of the company are quite rapid, and this shows the reality of achieving the objectives. The current state of the company is quite stable, it carries out regular flights both between the cities of Georgia and international communications. Speaking about external flights, it should be said that the Air Caucasus planes are communicating with Georgia such countries as Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and some Asian countries. The company also has a permit for air transportation to Iraq.

At service of passengers the main task of the company management is to provide the most affordable flight cost with high quality service. It is due to this company's flights, "Air Caucasus" have a significantly lower price than the tickets for the main competitors planes.

Despite the young age of the company, it already has in its fleet of aircraft type 20 McDonnellDouglas MD80. This modern and reliable machines, which were very effective in the airline industry. The main objective of the Singapore investors is to establish international relations for the expansion of flight network. As for Georgia's founders, they are working hard on creating a large air hub in Tbilisi.

All airliners owned company, have a breakdown of the cabin into two classes, namely, business and economy. This allows us to serve customers with different pay.

To fly with this airline, the passenger must know that at the moment the company does not yet have the service of registering tickets online. You also need to remember that check-in for Air Caucasus Airlines flights begins three hours before the departure of the aircraft. The company provides an opportunity to carry excess cargo, but for it will have to pay an additional fee.

Basic data on Air Caucasus:

  • Country Airlines - Georgia

  • New Georgian aviation company

  • Year of Appearance: 2012

Air Caucasus (Air Caucasus). Official site:

Air Caucasus (AirCaucasus). Official site.

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