Airline JetBlue Airways
Airline JetBlue Airways

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JetBlue Airways is a US low cost airline. The main activity of the company is aimed at organizing regular domestic and international air transportation. The headquarters is located in Long Island City.

The company was incorporated in Delaware in August 1998. A year later, JetBlue Airways began transporting passengers by air, making its first international flight in 2004.

In the 2000s, the development of the company was characterized by ups and downs. In October 2005, the company's management reported that quarterly profits had dropped significantly due to a sharp jump in jet fuel prices. This fact led to a decrease in the company's competitiveness in the aviation market. However, despite this, the air carrier is making plans for further development and placing a large order for the supply of new aircraft. In the next few years, despite analysts' forecasts, the company is growing, expanding its aircraft fleet, and increasing the number of offered destinations.

In 2006 was on board JetBlue aircraft Airwaysizyali number of seats that will alleviate aircraft and thereby significantly reduce the time of trip. In addition, the reduction of seats has led to a reduction in the number of crew members and the amount of spent fuel. All the measures taken have led to an increase in profits in the year 2007. In addition, JetBlue Airways was one of the few airlines that could not sustain the losses after the terrorist attack in September 11 2011 years.

Jet Blue

As of December 2012 year JetBlue Airways flies in 79 areas and is one of the largest companies in the United States Northeast.

The company currently offers its passengers a variety of services to ensure a comfortable and safe flight. JetBlue Airways the first in the world to provide its customers personalized entertainment on board the aircraft, equipping each individual seat monitor and the ability to select channels.

Jet Blue 123

For the frequent flyer loyalty program TrueBlue, participation in which will allow to collect bonuses and points for each flight and exchange them either for a free ticket, or to improve the service class.

The airline staff takes care of each client and is ready to offer special service and personalized service to passengers with disabilities.

Basic data:

  • Airline country: USA.
  • Low cost air lines USA East.
  • The airline was founded in 2000.
  • IATA airline code: B6.
  • ICAO airline code: JBU.


JetBlue Airways (Jet Blue Airways). Official site:


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Washington Dulles, Boston, New York City DzhonKennedi, Long Beach, FortLoderdeyl Hollywood, Auckland.

  • The mailing address of the airline: 118-29QueensBlvd, ForestHills, NewYork, 11375, USA.

  • City airline phone: +17182867900.

  • Airline fax: +17187093621.

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].

  • Domestic airline flights: Burbank, Aruba, Bermuda, Burlington, Buffalo, Boston, West Palm Beach, Washington, Jacksonville, Denver, Las Vegas, Columbus, Nantucket, Long Beach, Newark, New Orleans, New York, Newburgh, Oakland, Nashville , Austin, Ontario, Portland, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Rochester, San Francisco, San Diego, San Juan, San Jose, Santiago, Santa Domingo, Syracuse, Sarasota, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tucson, Tampa Phenix, Phoenixes , Fort Lauderdale. Chicago, Houston, Charlotte.

  • International airline flights: Cancun, Aguadilla, Pons, Nassau.

  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  AirbusA320, Embraer190.




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Zaderka Reyes, no one wanted to explain anything, and since I was late for the next flight, the only thing that offered to change to the next day later. They did not provide not meals not for living on these days, they just froze. She got them from the official certificate of zaderki
No one will advise this airline, they have eternal problems with flights


With the representative can not be contacted, if necessary, but then he said that it was necessary to refer to it, just like any questions. I wonder just how, if the phone is not answered ?!

It flies great. Shop new flight attendants are polite. I liked everything.

I want to thank the airline for a wonderful flight! The delay at the airport was not more 30 minutes. The work of pilots and flight attendants rose to the occasion. Planes as for me is not new, but do not feel that they fall apart in the air! The cabin is clean, food is as always at the highest level. I'll fly with you all the time!

I do not know what may be doubts in the airline if it is considered one of the best in the world. You're not from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan flying to AN-24. I'm a longtime fan of the airline, always choose them if I have to fly from IAD / DCA or JFK. They managed to earn my trust.
In short, jetBlue often has very favorable flight prices. I with its high growth (under two meters) there is conveniently located, and passengers of non-standard weight, also felt comfortable. In each seat a display with 10 channels, in-flight give nuts and a jar of pepsi, seating all leather and blue scales. In New York, a spacious and bright terminal (only recently completed reconstruction). You can find reviews that they were deceived or about the delays of the flight, but I did not encounter this. Departing from New York, do not be afraid of flying time, because it is indicated more than the average for about an hour - this is the time in the queue before take-off. Usually, the arrival coincides with the time indicated in the ticket.


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