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Qantas Airways - the largest airline in Australia, which received an unusual nickname - "Flying Kangaroos." The company was established in 1920 and is considered to be one of the oldest companies in the world. Long years of work in the field of air travel speak for the reliability and stability of the entire company. The first aircraft, owned by Qantas Airways, could carry no more than two passengers and one pilot. In the first half of the 20-ies, the company mainly engaged in postal services, subsidized by the Australian government. In the 1928 year it took place the first flight of an air medical care.

Currently, the company owns more than 130 most modern airliners, and in the near future their number should increase to 300.

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The main task of the organization of flights the company's management considers the safety of its passengers. All of the aircraft equipped with the best security systems are inspected periodically and constantly being improved. A positive result of such activities is obvious - the company is considered to be the safest modern airline, which account for less than the total of air crashes.

The level of service offered by the company is constantly growing. All staff interested in seeing that the passengers were surrounded by care and attention during the flight. On any route you will be offered a choice of several dishes prepared by professional chefs. Most recently, the company has a new unique service - passengers are invited to taste dishes from the country in which they are sent.

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The company management pays attention not only quality service, but also a comfortable flight. Beauty aircraft owned by the company, are equipped so that any passenger feel as comfortable as possible during the flight. In addition to comfortable seating planes are equipped with audio and video, built-in phone.

Passengers who prefer flying with Qantas Airways now become participants in the program Frequent Flyer, which has three levels and provides an opportunity to get a real benefit from frequent flights. Bonuses can be obtained both flights with the company Qantas Airways, as well as for flights with other members of the alliance one world.


Basic data airline Qantas Airways:

  • Year of occurrence: 1922.
  • Membership in the Alliance: Oneworld.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: QF.
  • ICAO airline code: QFA.


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Uniforms flight attendants: Qantas. Australia.

Uniforms flight attendants: Qantas. Australia.


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There were some difficulties with my luggage during registration, as in English I do not understand, and the representative of a long time could not find, was late for the plane. At the same time, about how to compensate me for the cost of the ticket, or at least to transplant to another flight, even out of the question as long as I do not start a fuss.

Personnel at the highest level. Impressively, all the employees are very proud to be working in such airlines and appreciate his work. Once you climb aboard, include relaxing music, so that the time spent in flight goes unnoticed.

We took off after a three-hour flight delay. I liked everything, without exception, and service and flight. I am glad that this company, first of all, take care of the safety of people.

He flew to Moscow with a connection in London. Since the flight was connecting passengers flew half before we were allowed to go in the business class - it's fantastic! Soft chairs, the food is great. I arrived at this relaxed. From what was not pleasant - the staff just obsessed with security.

Married six years in Austria, often use the services of the airline. I fly to another continent and in the near abroad. On international flights, for example, in Dubai, everything is perfect. True money stripped for economy class more than I expected. But the internal areas is much worse. Delays up to 3-hours are considered to have the norm. For example, in Wellington on 4 hour delay, not allowed to fly from Sydney to China. They are either transplanted to an uncomfortable flight late at night, or return the money after a month on the connecting flight.
Anyway, somehow it very casually. "Dear passengers, five minutes later, we landed at the airport in Perth" - and flight attendants are just beginning to collect lunch boxes. Somehow it was a case of a plane landing because of bad weather at the military airfield. As a result, we 3 hours sat in a stuffy Eirbase.
When possible, I always fly airline Air NZ. But be that as it may, Qantas is better than low-cost airlines, the service is simply disgusting.