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Qatar Airways
Airline Qatar Airways

The airline Qatar Airways. Official site.


Qatar Airways - national carrier of Qatar. Base airlines located in the capital city of Doha. The company operates flights linking 100 more international destinations with a base airport.

The airline employs more than 20000 100 employees and more aircraft engaged in air transportation.

Qatar Airways plane

Qatar Airways is among the four best airlines according to the rating agency Skytrax UK. According to the status of the airline guarantees the highest level of service for passengers and meets all international standards in all respects. The staff is also recognized as one of the best in the Middle East.

The aircraft fleet of the company is considered one of the youngest in the world. Dates of operation of new aircraft not exceed 3-years.

Qatar Airways plane woman

Among the main priorities of the company are the following:

  1. guarantee the safety of passengers during flights. All systems that are responsible for a safe flight, are the most advanced, and periodically checks are qualified;
  2. guarantee high-quality service on board the aircraft the airline Qatar Airways. The staff warmly greeted each passenger, provide it with all necessary during the flight and be sure to take into account any of his wishes;
  3. professional staff. The company employs highly professional close-knit team. All employees are constantly improving their professionalism in the respective courses and seminars;
  4. respect for the cultures of different peoples.

Frequent flyers to encourage participation in the Privilege Club program where they can earn miles for each flight. For a certain amount of accumulated miles are awarded passengers a free ticket or upgrade.

Qatar Airways on the plane

Flying aboard the aircraft company will be held in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Almost all aircraft are equipped with displays, embedded in the rear seat backs. Satellite TV with a wide selection of European and Arab channels is available in all classes of service. Long-haul flights are equipped with a variety of additional services: video, music, headphones, personal telephone.

Airline Qatar Airways offers its passengers a service according to three classes - economy, business class and first class. First Class and Business Class is equipped with the preferred terminal base airport building.


Basic data airlines Qatar Airways:

  • International aviation line with Doha.
  • Year of occurrence AK: 1994.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: QR.
  • ICAO airline code: QTR.


Airlines is a member of the Alliance: Oneworld.


Qatar Airways (QatarAirways). Official


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Uniforms stewardess: Qatar Airways. Qatar.


Uniforms stewardess: Qatar Airways. Qatar.



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Thank you for getting your son back.

All the work of a fully coordinated. Flight delays are not observed, all on schedule. I express my deep gratitude to employees who could so improve the company.

Staff treat every passenger as if it is on a single flight, so that all I recommend!

The company liked. After I was late for a flight, it changed not only placed with all facilities in the waiting room, but also helped with the exchange of tickets. From all that I had to deal with - it's an hour later proceed to the gate. All other issues settled representative.

Departure made almost a minute per minute. Having already arrived on vacation, she heard from her neighbor on the number, how she got to the resort, their flight was moved several times and in the end, three days of vacation just burned while she was at the airport trying to achieve when the flight would be. And after she was once again sent back with some kind of primitive excuses, she turned in the ticket and bought another from this company. The most interesting is that even when I was about to fly back, she looked as unrepaired as in the cabin of the plane where we first met. That's what an irresponsible airline can bring to a person.

14.04.2015 flew with her husband from Moscow to Singapore via Doha. Since I'm afraid to fly, I chose only a high-quality airline. Polite staff, a new plane, a delicious ride, no turbulence, I relaxed and got pleasure from the flight. Landing made a good impression - I almost did not feel it. From Doha flew to 787 boine. Service is more stringent, the plane is worse. Strongly shaking, but this, of course, is not the problem of the plane. I fell asleep for a while and while giving food, my husband asked me to bring it to me, to which the stewart replied that he would bring only when I woke up. Also I want to note loud engines at the plane, even ear plugs did not help. Yet the flight is normal, no different from the same Transaero. 12.05.15 flew back on the same boine. I was a little stressed, because of aerophobia. Again this is a loud roar of engines, turbulence. I was just shocked when I saw that I was flying to Moscow. The old plane, all in patches, on the turbine, on the wings, inside is killed. Flight attendants are friendly, but it feels like the Qatar people are sending people on this flight who are guilty of something. The Russian stewardess worked, but despite her politeness, it was clear that she was unhappy with her work. I prayed the whole flight. On the face of the obvious national hostility of this airline to the Russians, since I did not expect such a "killed" airplane. The next departure will be sure to get acquainted with other airlines.