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Airline Red Wings
Airline Red Wings

Airline Red Wings. Official site.


Airline "Red Wings" is by far one of the largest Russian air carriers, both in passenger traffic, so the transport of goods to and, the commission charter and commercial flights.


Development and characteristics of the airline "Red Wings"

This is one of the most developed Russian airlines among air carriers. The main base airport is Domodedovo. It is the successor of a company called "Airlines 400».

Despite the fact that it is quite a young and promising company, its development and the establishment it did not go entirely smoothly. So 2013 was suspended operator's certificate because of the crash. Yet after the proceedings was able to restore the activity of the enterprise, but it was replaced by the owner.

The new management of the company was planning to increase its fleet to 15 machines, and preference was given to staff of the Russian production. Since the summer of 2014, the owner of the company became EA Klyucharev. From that point it was opened 6 additional regular flights to large cities of the Russian Federation. The structure of the park began to enter the modern Sukhoi Superjet 100. In 2015 year agreement was signed on new registration of companies in Ulyanovsk.

The number of passengers for 5 years:

• 2010 year - 875,9 thousand passengers transported.

• 2011 year - 781,3 thousand passengers transported.

• 2012 year - 817,4 thousand passengers transported.

• 2013 year - carried 352,7 thousand passengers (by Russian 24 position).

• 2014 year - carried 919,1 thousand passengers (by Russian 19 position).

For all the time in the field of transport of passengers by air transport company "Red Wings" was recorded one incident. In December 2012 the aircraft company Tu-204, followed with Pardubice to Moscow, landing at the airport skidded off the runway. The car was almost destroyed. Passengers on board was not, but from the 5 8 crew members were killed. Since the investigation was conducted, which revealed violations and faults in other devices of the company.

Airline "Red Wings" was created in the year 1999, but its modern name she received only 2007 year. In practice, for each year of operation, the air carrier is constantly increasing volume of passengers, and this figure should be about 2014 million people by the end of the year 1.



The air carrier shall operate regular flights to more than 20 different directions, and starting this year, the company began to carry out flights to Simferopol, came under the state program of subsidizing airlines. The main destinations the airline "Red Wings" are Krasnodar, Omsk, Simferopol, Anapa, etc.



Airlines Air Park "Red Wings", according to the end of the year 2013, 8 consists of aircraft Tu-204, and the airline itself is the main operator of the aircraft engines.


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;

  • It engaged in international charter and regular domestic flights from Moscow.

  • IATA airline code: WZ;

  • ICAO airline code: RWZ;

  • Domestic airline code: IN;


Airline Red Wings. Official site.

Airline Red Wings (Red Wings). Official site.


Contact details:

  • Postal Airlines Address: Factory highway, 19, Moscow, Russia, 119027;

  • City Airline Phone: + 74952121251;

  • Airlines Fax: + 74952292540;

  • E-mail;

  • Base airport in Moscow airport Vnukovo.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Tupolev Tu-204-100.


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We flew by flight WZ318 27 August 2017
Horror!!!!!! The flight was detained for 6 hours. As a result, I was late for work, the ulcer became aggravated (nervous experiences plus terrible food did their job). If I wanted to fly away in the evening, I would buy a ticket for the evening ... in the end 1 day of precious vacation was spent at the airport and not on the beach. The claim was written. Waiting for an answer. If there is no response, I will go to court. I'm sick of the fact that there is no order in our country.
Separately, I want to write about a girl representative of this company in Simferopol. It's just a tin !!!! I have never seen such rudeness anywhere else. Tickets throwing passengers in the face are cool !!!!!!

Flied 27 June 2017 from Kazan to Simferopol and back 11 July 2017 by the Red Wings air company. After reading reviews, at first I was worried that the plane would be delayed. But all has managed. In the salons spacious and neat, the flight attendants are friendly and attentive. The food is delicious. The flight and landing, as they say, passed gently. Imagine my surprise when after lunch I decided to take a nap, there was still an 1.5 hour left before landing, announced that we were going down. It turns out that instead of the declared 3 hours 20 minutes, we flew 2 hours 30 minutes. Thanks to the great Red Wings airlines for the nice flight.

How do I rebook a ticket when I cancel a flight?

It's scammers. It's just money that they strip. They made a ticket on the site, they did not have a ticket. Operators lie arrogantly. No reliable information is given. And did not return the money. Nobody answers anything. I will never use Red Wings

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Even after the death of the passenger before departure, they do not return the money for the ticket. You will see the logo of this company immediately deleted, otherwise you will get a lot of problems for yourself.

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A terrible airline, it does not work for women, and mummies in the eyes of whom only money revolves. We bought a ticket in the ticket office, in which they assured that the airline provides a child support service. Before the flight, we through the Red Wings airline's call center went through on-line registration for the flight, I asked the dispatcher about this service, he confirmed everything that we can do at the airport. On arrival at the airport at the airline counter I was told that we can not do this, since we do not have the same tariff. She called the representative of the airline, which in rough form, her name Musatov, said, change the ticket and buy for 18000 thousand rubles, so that your child was escorted. In the koltsentre I was affectionately sent. They climbed to the third floor of the office, they asked to call back in 10, when they called back, the shift had already changed and everyone was not in the know. I am honestly shocked, from the participation of employees of this company. And the flight is delayed. They asked the woman to take the child to the plane. Thank her very much! And the "women" of this "wonderful" company want to sincerely wish that they will not when they have not felt such a feeling when they leave your child to their fate! We are waiting at the airport when the child sits on the airplane! The last time we use the services of this company

Should have flown from Moscow to Chelyabinsk 4 June 2017 year flight WZ 175 airlines Red Wings. 3 June on the airport's website there was information that the flight was canceled. The representative of the airline at the airport of Domodedovo talks in a boorish manner, the reasons for the cancellation of the flight does not explain. No guarantee that we will be able to fly away in a day, no. There is no way to go to work on time. The request to the airline - if you can not fulfill your obligations to your customers, at least teach your employees to talk humanely.

They flew 31 December in Sochi and back 4 January. Are satisfied. Prices are lower than competitors, this is in view of the fact that they took return tickets with the possibility of exchange, when in other airlines for a more expensive price were not refundable. You can transfer a set of mountain skis / snowboards free of charge. Reliable Russian aircraft. Turbulence was not available at all.) Flights in time. The plane in Sochi was with slightly worn seats, but overall the feeling of reliability did not leave. The food is not very, well, we did not eat come to the plane)) Of course I would like it better, but it's not the main thing. Staff courteous and attentive. It's a pity that prices were on NG at 10 times more expensive than usual days and that there are few directions.

Flew this airline in July in the Crimea on vacation with 3-year old kid, and our flight was delayed by as much as 30 HOURS !!! Sent by e-mail claim (otherwise they do not accept), wrote in an email and they do not meet already 2 months, do not react at all. It is a pity that in general related to this airline. I do not advise anyone to not waste their time and your money !!!

I can self-register if you have not purchased your ticket on your website and through momondo

Honest, decent kompaniya.Ya wish them all good health, the pure sky and a soft landing.

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Always fly with his family to stay with relatives. We have with this company have developed a really good relationship, the staff on the plane always extremely polite and of course correct. For the money a very worthy representative in the environment of aviation companies.

Pilot hugest wishes of good luck and much happiness - no take-off or landing, my family almost did not notice that one has only to recall how we were tormented performing flight on the Yamal Peninsula and it is quite clear that the Red Wings is our ideal. Very cool airplane driving technique! Thank you for taking care of safety flights and state of mind of its passengers!

We flew all the family with small children - everything went well. There are no claims to the aircraft and staff, the only drawback for me was the fact that in this heat the airport for whatever his reasons for a long time denied us in planting. Everything else was up to par. The further you progress.

flight delay was more than an hour, but did not even bother to announce on the loudspeaker, not to mention the fact, to write on the board. Ugliness.

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happy to use the services of airlines, if there are subsidized flight from Perm to Simferopol there and back, in July and August 2015 g

happy to use the services of the company, if it is subsidized tickets in July 2015 g flight Perm -Simferopol back and forth.

31.10.2014g. having arrived in the Ming. Water from Moscow 135 flight did not get my luggage. I had to stay in a foreign city for a day, but has not received the luggage, explained that I had come for the luggage from Makhachkala to Min. Water.

For the first time decided to use the services of the airline year, "Red Wings" back. I liked the staff. Flight attendants found a common language with each passenger. During the flight, the pilot spoke over some cities we fly. On board were offered various drinks and lunches. By necessity we were given blankets and the press (newspapers and magazines). comfortable chairs. In general service was pleasant. I will continue to use the airline, "Red Wings".

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