Taimyr Airlines (NordStar)
Taimyr Airlines (NordStar)

Airline Taimyr. Official site.


The airline "Taimyr" is a dynamically developing carrier carrying mostly regular and charter flights. Geography of flights the airline is sufficiently wide and varied and affect both the regional cities of Russia, and goes beyond the limits of Russia. Beijing, Yerevan, Norilsk, Moscow, Sochi, Yekaterinburg - this is not a complete list of cities where flights are made of "Taimyr".


Short story

The airline "Taimyr" was established in 2002, after conversion of the bankrupt company "Norilsk airline." Since December 2008 years by management concern "Norilsk Nickel" the airline has established a branch in Moscow. The company began to use the trademark "Airline Nord Star».

In 2009 year we started flying a new brand from Norilsk in central and European parts of Russia.

With 2011, the company is updating its fleet. The company Finncomm Airlines were purchased five aircraft ATR 500. The company also agreed to buy five new aircraft ATR series 600.

Currently the company's fleet offers flights in airplanes compliance with classes in business and economy.

By the end of the year 2013, in the fleet of "Taimyr", there are 15 aircraft:



The airline "Taimyr" has proven itself as a reliable carrier, and is constantly expanding its route network, while also increasing the quality of services.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engage in regular and charter flights from Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk, and Moscow.

  • IATA airline code: Y7;

  • Internal airline code: TI;


Airline Taimyr. Official site. www.nordstar.su

Taimyr Airlines (NordStar Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: st. Sevastopolskaya, 7, Norilsk, Russia, 663310;

  • City phone Airline: + 74957830044, + 73919460201;

  • Airline fax: +74957839249, +73919423729;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • The base airports of the airline are Moscow airports Domodedovo, Krasnoyarsk Emelyanovo.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Boeing 737-300, ATR 42Boeing 737-800.


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Horror and not a company that always cancels something forever, I do not recommend this company

Normal airline, clean, tasty, polite, who doesn't like fly with "victory" stools

Of course, for 2,3 flight - tea and water, but it does not matter, until December everything was fine, now 10 kg baggage allowance and this is north !!! before this 20 kg !!! Yes, there would be other airlines, but they would gladly fly away on victory stools, if only they could keep their baggage weight, and at the end of the flight they also mockingly say - * thanks for choosing our airline *, as if we have a choice .. .

I read the comments ... HORROR !!! Where it has managed me !? If I could write on the Russian North Star, but maybe ... just a shame no one will fly !!!

Flight delayed, rather than get 14-30 22-30! Planters documents issued at the time of 17-45 !? The actual time to celebrate refused! I have to solve the problem with the insurance from the delay of departure and pay for tickets. Help promise in time - 20 days !? What compensation to 425 euros, then the ruble will not get them! Service no to questions - are silent as guerrillas !? Shame and only!

Dear potential air passengers, I advise you never to use the services of this airline: Taimyr (NordStar Airlines). For luggage weighing 20 kg, I was charged an additional fee of 2700 rubles (2500 rubles, allegedly for luggage, 200 rubles, for no reason at all.), While Uteyr does not charge any additional fees. These rates are unfounded. When selling tickets, the cashier did not explain the requirements for baggage transportation, and the place where the weight of the baggage was indicated was "sealed" with a receipt for payment. Here is such a "wonderful" service.

Dear potential air passengers, I advise you never to use the services of this airline: Taimyr (NordStar Airlines). For luggage weighing 20 kg, I was charged an additional fee of 2700 rubles (2500 rubles, allegedly for luggage, 200 rubles, for no reason at all.), While Uteyr does not charge any additional fees. These rates are unfounded. When selling tickets, the cashier did not explain the requirements for baggage transportation, and the place where the weight of the baggage was indicated was "sealed" with a receipt for payment. Here is such a "wonderful" service.

My friend and I flew on 13.06.2015/403/16 flight 800 from Moscow to Norilsk when distributing food we were offered without the right to choose only a vegetarian menu in which there was boiled Brussels sprouts and boiled rice without salt !!! When asked why there are no offers of other meals, the flight attendant replied "that since you are at the end of the plane, you get what is left, or maybe nothing left at all ... !!!" No one reacted to our indignation, in the end we flew hungry ... !!! And for the ticket I paid no less than the other rows, that is XNUMX thousand XNUMX rubles. What kind of discrimination by the airline in terms of seats and why are they not warned about this when buying a ticket and when checking in for a flight where are the seats allocated ??? I ask you to consider this issue and take action! In my opinion, this is a shame for the company !!!

I flew this company and not that bad I say flying from Samara to Norilsk everything was fine: friendly staff, delicious food.
Not for a moment did not have detained reys.Spasibo this company

Flying two women on holiday in Krasnodar (REYES 331), plane tickets are already taken. And now, we have decided to take with her granddaughter. But her one (8 years) ticket is naturally not sell. How can I solve the problem? If you come to the box office with ticket grandmother for example - will be sold?

I need to send a child unaccompanied 10let

Refused at enrollment will take luggage rack and
We were not allowed to board .17.00.chasov.07.05.2016g.
Norilsk Krasnoyarsk.mozhno change the ticket to another?


Please tell me this is a class Y business or economy?

In the month of January I flew with this airline. Not that I can't say anything good about her, but, in principle, words won't be enough to convey all my indignation. First, when we flew to Moscow, the flight was delayed by two hours. Secondly, when we were going to return home to Krasnodar a week ago, our flight was canceled a few hours before departure, without explanation. And when I asked the girl who called on behalf of the airline, "why won't there be a flight?" She said to me: "There will be no more!" Good answer, isn't it? And on top of that, I can’t return any money for unused air tickets. I was already tired of writing letters to them, to which they answer me "You did not show up for the flight, we will not return your money" !!! Don't you think that this is the height of impudence !!! I would like to advise this airline to close it !!! While the airline is young and hasn't broken even more firewood !!! My friends do not fly by the TAYMIR company!

The backs of chairs at the slightest turn of the body so creak, it becomes even uncomfortable. I tried due to do as little as possible of unnecessary movements. Leaves Company only by polite staff and hearty kormёzhki after which each passenger is thinking. Or maybe they are not so already and bad, I will not write a negative review!

When the rose into the air from the window of the beginning of so much blow that seats freezed even a little, not to mention the passengers. Posprosila, aboard the conductor to give an extra blanket and began to close the window, because she so angry at me the beginning that others passengers had been poisoned her verbally in a distant flight. A normal person is simply impossible to fly in such conditions, because the staff do not care about the comfort and health of passengers, the main thing that no one, God forbid not photographed this mess and do not require their report on how they spend the repair of aircraft.

It is surprising that that many negative reviews about this business, I think, Taimyr is no worse than most companies, the same price category. At least in the aircraft is clean and the staff polite.

Flying on a plane entirely different airlines, which suddenly made an emergency landing and behold everyone could continue the flight already on the plane from the company Taimyr. At first it seemed to me a toy, I think it is generally not able to fly, but as it turned out, pleasant wrong. We flew certainly not a particularly great height, but all the flights went quite smoothly and gently, so that I did not regret anything.

Making yesterday, the flight was very disappointed with this airline. Food horrible, to say the least. Staff quite competent, and the flight attendant did not even know where the kit is. Of course, I do not rule out the option that it is brand new, but it's good that I have just a headache, and if, God forbid, something worse. Do not be tempted at least once more to use the services of the airline and the others do not recommend. Save on tickets, you first save myself.

Since the prices for the tickets of this airline are not too different from the prices of similar companies, I decided to purchase tickets at once in both directions. Since the flight was due, is carried out in the evening, tickets were taken on the last working day, but after I arrived at the airport, even with a significant time reserve it was found out that the flight had already departed 12 hours ago! After spending a lot of time exchanging tickets, paid a penalty and finally got into the salon. As a result, it turned out that Taimyr significantly saved money for the arrangement and installation of air conditioning, which, although it is available, but not included. Stewardesses laugh at all questions. In general, the next time it will be better not to fly at all, than to use the services of this airline.

We returned home from rest via Moscow. Before the immediate time of departure we are told that the flight has been postponed, and it will take at least several days to wait for it. Since this did not suit us, we flew by another plane, and the tickets bought from Taimyr Airlines were returned. Upon delivery to the cashier we were told that the return will take no more than a week, while a certain percentage of the amount will be deducted for a fine. Since it was still impossible to do anything, they agreed. As a result, it took more than a month, and the money was returned only for one ticket, although all three were purchased simultaneously and one card. After this, it generally becomes unclear when the money will be returned to us by feeding constant promises.

I would like to express my deep gratitude, and thank you again, to the flight attendants who worked on flight 217 on the Krasnoyarsk-Norilsk route on 09.02.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX, Victoria Koplyarova and Ekaterina Bychkova. Smart girls who do their job professionally. Tact, hospitality and impeccable "English". Thanks.

She flew with the Taimyr airline. I liked the service very much. Takeoff and landing were very good, quiet and calm. Flight attendants handed out blankets, newspapers, drinks and food. Service at the best level. Flight attendants treated each passenger with attention and were interested in the well-being of each. I liked everything very much. Airline "Taimyr" was very pleased.

Flew 10.10.14 from Sochi to Moskvu.I everything would be fine, but was mildly disappointed when after standing 1,5 hours did not find his bag, which handed over in the oversized bagazh.I I was not such a result, about 16 odna.V bag arrived on another flight, at I was in Moscow in 13.40.Dostavka this day has not worked, I had to go pick up the most.

I flew with my family with the Taimyr airline. We flew on a Krasnoyarsk-Khabarovsk flight, on a Boeing 737-300. Certainly the plane with age, but very clean, beautiful and comfortable. The chairs are comfortable and soft. The food is delicious, all the time we were flying, we were offered drinks, tea or coffee. Takeoff and landing were very soft. I liked the Taimyr airline very much.


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