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Transaero - Private airline, began to engage in air operations in December 1990 till ensure flight safety the company is among the ten best in the world.At regular airline flights there are four classes of passenger service.



A bit of history and polblematiki

But during the crisis, the company had to 98 9 to sell the aircraft, leaving a 8. It was pretty shabby Boeing 737 (about 20 years in operation on average).

The Company closed the majority of flights, to restructure the debt, but remained afloat.

In subsequent years, the company received new certificates, open up new routes, increases fleet (up to 57 2010 boards on year).

Transaero team

The company introduces the first fully electronic tickets.

The company signed a multimillion-dollar contracts to supply equipment with Boeing, Airbus and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Sukhoi.

The company was restructured, cost optimization, but the next crisis 2008 years, brought all efforts to nothing.

In 2009 it became known, according to "Transaero" executives that the company has negative equity, and it lasts a minimum of 3 years.

ACT 3, extreme. From prison and from scrip does not renounce.

In 2014 year, according to some media reports, Ms. Pleshakova appealed to the Government with a request for state guarantees for 10 billion rubles. Manual "Transaero", chorus denied this information, providing reports and figures steady profit growth.

However, a loan from "VTB" in the amount of 9 billion. Rubles, the same has been received, as well as state guarantees.

According to RBC debt list "Transaero" before the meeting of the government was as follows:

  • «VTB» - 12,7 billion rubles
  • "Gazprombank» - 8 billion.
  • "Novikombank» - 8 billion.
  • "Moscow Credit Bank" Promsvyazbank + - 7,5 billion.
  • Sberbank - 6 billion.
  • "Rosselkhozbank» - 6 billion.

As it is known at the moment, "Aeroflot" has refused to buy from "Transaero". And at a meeting in the government, with the participation of "Aeroflot", credit and leasing companies, a compromise was not found.

The final

The final turned out to be natural. "Transaero" has always worked only on themselves. The company did not go to any compromises and negotiations with other company members. Vela their policy of procurement of old aircraft and reduce the cost of tickets, and any price increase in passenger traffic. With some airlines have Pleshakov heads of the clan were personal differences, comes to dislike. With this approach, the company was left in a vacuum in the airline industry, and is known in a vacuum will not last long.

Despite the clear support of the authorities, of which the company fell on all sorts of benefits and concessions, "Transaero" too carried away in the race for leader. The company received state. loans for the purchase of Russian aircraft promises. But not in a hurry to buy Tu-204, 214-Tu and SSJ 100. "Transaero" prefer to aircraft operating leasing. The fleet of the carrier (in 2013 year) 67 sides were leased.

The company has created a surplus of aircraft is constantly increasing unprofitable routes, hoping to cover the losses on international routes. Hoping to increase the lines and passenger traffic.

But 2013-2014 year there was a hurricane crisis in the tourist area. A wave of bankruptcies of tour operators, Western sanctions, the appreciation of Western currencies, a sharp reduction in the flow of passengers overseas flights, definitively undermined barely keep the company.

Already in the year 2014, the deterioration of the economic situation, the events in Ukraine, the owners have brought the idea to sell the business.

Transaero plane tiger

With the original price of 300 million dollars, the rate of half a year ago, fell to 100 million.

According to some sources, "Aeroflot" can move 35 sides stagnant company. Leasing aircraft will be transferred to other companies. A man of about 11000 qualified personnel "Transaero", remain without work.

A curtain.

The hall includes a top lighting, the audience in bewilderment rise from their seats, and dejectedly go to the exit. Money paid, and not everyone will be able to return their money, for loss of enjoyment.

air travel market is very specific. It is affected by many factors. War, pestilence, the rising cost of oil and its fall, and now the planes are flying half-empty, and the carrier is a huge loss. In this market, competition is very high, but despite this the companies need to be able to negotiate in the interest of the market itself, and passengers, and the companies themselves.

Airline "Transaero", which are sold and booked tickets, will provide the company "UTair", "Aeroflot», S7 «Siberia». And "Aeroflot" takes on the bulk of the passengers, "Transaero".

Intrigue is not the company itself into a debt corner.

A crisis in the airline industry, a phenomenon in the world is quite normal. As well as the bankruptcy of even the largest players.

Four classes of passenger service.


One of the biggest fleets owned Transaero today. In addition, Transaero - the only airline among the countries of Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe operating a passenger Boeing-747.

Transaero 1 class

The company from the first day of its existence, works in three main areas: improving safety, ensuring comfort and continuous improvement.

Management of the company Transaero constantly working to improve the quality of passenger service.


In this framework, the company through its employees implements the following activities:

  • It assumes all responsibility for the safety of the passengers of flights;

  • constantly ready to listen to each client and to fulfill all its requirements;

  • It ensures coordination of work of all its employees;

  • carefully considers all nominations employees based in the choice of not only professional, but also on the personal qualities of each;


Transaero flight


A huge role in the success of the company Transaero playing staff, composed of professionals. At the time of their number is closer to 10000. By providing high-wage employees, the company stresses thereby increasing importance of each to achieve a common goal - quality service Transaero customers.

The company tries to comply fully with their obligations to passengers. It makes every effort to ensure a flight passengers of different categories with different material possibilities.

In just 25 years of its activity, the airline "Transaero" has achieved worldwide recognition of the success of its activities. At the moment, the air carrier carries out the execution of dozens of flights on the territory of the Russian Federation, and a smaller number of flights also accounted for the near and far abroad countries, indicating that the solid intention of flights shedule that probably will entail the development of the near perspective.



To date, the airline "Transaero" is very recognizable in the international arena of passenger traffic, and cooperate with the carrier dozens of airports located around the world. In the near future, the air carrier intends to expand its fleet, increasing the number of aircraft more than 50%, that will be a great help to continue the development of its air transport, both on domestic routes of the Russian Federation and abroad.

was about 2014% increase compared to the same month of the previous year - by the end of September 3.5 years, the airline "Transaero" seriously increased the volume of passengers carried. The annual number of passengers carried increased with each passing year more than 15%, which once again underlines the success of this airline.


As part of the social policy of the company is ready to provide leadership free services to certain groups of passengers. These include the World War II veterans, citizens of besieged Leningrad, prisoners of concentration camps. The company also provides financial sponsorship to children suffering from cancer, and also provides free transportation of children from different Russian cities for treatment abroad. Transaero's social policy aims and the development of Russian sports.

Transaero aircraft

On the website you will get all necessary information. Special consultants operators will answer all your questions.



Transaero (Transaero)


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;

  • Engaged in long-haul flights from St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia and the world.

  • Year of occurrence: 1991;

  • IATA airline code: UN;

  • ICAO airline code: TSO;

  • Domestic airline code: VH;


AirTransaero company. Official site:

Transaero (Transaero). Official site.


Contact details:


Domestic flights: Blagoveshchensk, Anadyr, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Krasnodar, Kemerovo, Magadan, Krasnoyarsk, Mineralnye Vody, Magnitogorsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Norilsk, Novy Urengoy, Perm, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, St. .Petersburg, Samara, Tomsk, Sochi, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The CIS flightsAlmaty, Aktau, Atyrau, Astana, Dnepropetrovsk, Bukhara, Karaganda, Donetsk, Kostanay, Kiev, Simferopol, Odessa, Uralsk, Tashkent, Shymkent, Kharkiv.

International flightsBangkok, Amman, Bergamo, Barcelona, ​​Varadero, Berlin, Vienna, Varna, Verona, Venice, Goa, Vilnius, Dubai, Denpasar, Cancun, Salzburg, Lyon, Kuala Lumpur, London, Lisbon, Mauritius, Los Angeles, Miami Madrid, Mahe, Male, New York, Milan, Paris, Pardubice, Beijing, Paphos, Phuket, Punta Cana, Rome, Riga, Sanya, Rimini, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Toronto, Tenerife, Ho Chi Minh City, Frankfurt -Mayne, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada.

The airline's fleet are aircraftBoeing 737-400, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-500, Boeing 747-300, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-200, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 767-300, Tupolev Tu-214, Boeing 777-300.


Uniforms stewardess: Transaero Airlines. Russia.

Uniforms stewardess: Transaero Airlines. Russia.

Airlines of the World and Russian ...

Hello, I apologize for the trouble - I will not find information on your website about the current vacancy of the flight attendant (I really want to work as a boarder), if it's not difficult to redirect my letter to the right address, which I hope you know. Thank you very much.


Vacancy flight attendant

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills

- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);

- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)

- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);

- PC user (2001, certificate).

- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information

There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.

Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.

Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)

тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78, [Email protected].

The muddled grief management could not calculate the commercially effective loading of the aircraft (did not understand the AP market in tourist destinations) + brazenly deceived the passengers with invented, already "fuel charges" with the cancellation of flights -> household rogue blossomed!

Sorry kompaniyu.S the point of view of the passenger it suited me at all 80%, comparing to TRANSAERO receivers, I can say with confidence that it is up to you oooooochen far. And boards class is very low, not to mention the quality of service, it is just on the floor. I'm afraid for a long time does not appear worthy of a carrier such as TRANSAERO.Mozhet for those who worked in it and it was not very good. but for the majority of passengers it will be GOOD NOW, which first of all. OOOOchen like that she was reborn from the ashes !!!!!

I liked the same company very much. I hope it will be restored

How can I get a copy of the electronic ticket, I flew in July 2015 the company, is now required in the accounting statements for electronic tickets. ku contact ???

Send your request to: [Email protected]Tel. + 7 (495) 772-76-60, ext. 10-699 and get all the necessary information to confirm the trip.

All of this is just beautiful words ...
Killed in the corner of the two-year rat ...

Money for tickets apparently no return?

Hello! 18.11.15g. I handed over the tickets for a refund, my application approved because prisladi on my e-mail response already 18.11.15. Passed I Transaero office at Paveletskaya, said details of his credit card, but still money on my card not received, although it was 1,5 months from the date of application and approval for payment, ie, refund my money for the tickets, which I acquired in Magadan More 2015g in September. Magadan-Moscow-Magadan.
Tell 'when I will return the money for tickets in the amount of ruble 28093.
Tatiana Alexeeva Arsentevna

Tatiana hello. Did you see the news? Transaero ruined: 0 (we severance calculation not yet received: o (more than a month has passed, too. I think only through court.

Prompt, as it is now even possible to contact the original documents should be Transaero.Zabrat

Good day. Just returned from holiday (family vacationing in Egypt with 05.09. 16.09.15g on.)
I want to write about the ugly representative of the airline Natalia throat.
I fly several times a year and not so large airlines, but before this incident I have never observed such an attitude to passengers. We flew 6 people, including 2-year-old child. Of course, we tried to register for 30 hours before the flight (as suggested on the Transaero website). For this we did not sleep the night; Registration started in 02-20. But for 30 hours in a huge plane there were already no seats nearby. Then half a night called back with representatives of the airline and we were assured that the places are left and that the 2-year-old child will certainly not be imprisoned alone. We drove calmly to the airport, but as soon as we approached the reception, we were greeted with rudeness and rudeness. As soon as we did not ask her to resolve this situation, she was not even going to offer anything. I will not describe our further walks, I will only say that the places near were further, including the flight, passed like oiled-the mood was spoiled.
When boarded the plane, then we learned that another family with 4-year-old child, Natalia also scattered in different places. I think such Natalya should not work in a self-respecting company.

Flew transit flights with a stopover in Moskve.V end point (Koltsovo Airport) has not received the luggage. He got lost somewhere !!! Who's to blame?

With Transaero. I have gone flying fears. Planes kamfortnye. doborozhelatelny staff. Takeoff and landing were not felt. I'll only fly Transaero.

Employees of course very nervous person, but considering the comfort with which you can begin to make flights just do not pay attention to them, their nerves more. The very same flight as always passed on the highest level. A coward, of course, before landing, but the time on time is not necessary.

Seats in the cabin are very comfortable, you can comfortably sit back and enjoy the flight completely. Transaero is absolutely not comparable to Yamal on which I flew in last time. It's like comparing a train to a bus, not the slightest similarity.

After flying all my family were not only full, but also happy. We have been reading the negative reviews before traveling and terribly worried that everything really will be as bad as people are saying, but we were probably lucky, because the flight took place without the slightest blemish.

I flew with her husband on a large and incredibly clean aircraft that even surprising considering how many passengers have to be transported on board every day. Now I feel a kind of pride in the Russian airline, which indicate the class or slightly below international.

Transaero has always been distinguished quality of flight, but this time I was very displeased. Late due to a flight delay, a very important meeting hoped that the time I fly every week, and the delay has never was not, and never will. Lost time and money. I can not say that I am no longer going to fly on airplanes this airline, but my confidence in it strongly shaken.

Taking advantage of Transaero is the first time back in the days of vacation. It was just amazed to what extent perfected professionalism of the staff. All of your requests are literally on demand. At the same time the flight attendants remain as unobtrusive as possible, which I very much appreciate, and fed well. In general, and service and interior arrangement of the Summit. Many times I will use the services of this airline.

Lovely company and great service, what else to wish to leave a memorable flight. All the flight looked out the window, this is good news, especially considering that the first time I traveled by air. Hostess extremely courteous. In general, I am still under the influence of emotion. Now I advise all my friends. This is a great company, where no less wonderful people work. Good luck to you!

Bad your company. A representative is not fish meat in Novosibirsk. I am a nursing mother, my child 2 months. It is 3 days in Novosibirsk, at the Institute of their zdorovyu.stsezhivalas preserved milk. With such joy flew home. And bam reysa.Gospodi delay breast filled with temperature. Explain to the representative, he sent me to the mother and child room, from there to the clinic. In the infirmary not help mogut.reys 128 30.04 detained on no spare parts for the aircraft. You $ # $ # $ executives, why sell plane tickets which collapsed. I have all the doctor's certificate confirming hands.

the third day, I can not contact you by phone 8-800-555-3-555.
How to contact your specialist ticket?

Flying from Tivat to Moscow luggage weighed 25kg 20 December. I had to pay 15 euros for bagazh.Pokazali paper indicating a surcharge for luggage weighing up to 15 30kg -15 evro.ETO that the whim of the company or a new trend in baggage. You upset me!

I liked to fly the airline "Transaero". Service at the highest level, just class. Pilot copes with his work. Takeoff and landing were calm, without swaying. Flew quietly, peacefully, without delay. The stewardess offered blankets, magazines, newspapers, as well as food and drinks to choose from. During the flight, the flight attendants cute communicated with passengers paying attention to each and interested in their well-being. In the future, I will continue to use the airline Transaero. "Thank you to all the crew for this flight.

I flew the airline "Transaero" in the direction of Mineralnye Vody - Moscow. I flew by Boeing 747-400. Very large and beautiful aircraft. Takeoff and landing was excellent. Special thanks to the pilots. Since flew long, just an hour 1 45 minutes of the drinks was only coffee and tea. There were also chocolate bars. I was very pleased with the airline "Transaero".