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Airline TYUI Fly
Airline TYUI Fly

Airline TYUI Fly (TUI fly). Official site.


TUIfly - German airline company, which belongs to the tourist concern TUI AG. The third-largest airline company in Germany. The base at the airport Hannover-Langenhagen. Aviation Company produces both regular and charter flights.

Airline TYUI Fly (TUI fly). Official sayt.3


The aviation company was established in 2007, as a result of restructuring and merger of the airlines Hapag Lloyd Flug and Hapag Lloyd Express.



Performed flights in airports 197 49 Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

In Russia - the airports of St. Petersburg (Pulkovo), Moscow-Domodedovo, Moscow-Vnukovo.

Basic data airline TUI fly:

  • Country Airlines Germany.
  • Charter air flights to resort areas of German cities.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1973.
  • IATA airline code: HF.
  • ICAO airline code: HLX.


TYUI Fly (TUI fly). Official

TYUI Fly (TUI fly). Official site.

Airline TYUI Fly (TUI fly). Official sayt.2



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I lost my luggage, but since the aircraft was supplied for growing I did not have the least time to do his quest. I even talk to a company representative could not immediately. But after the flight, I took up the staff of the Moscow airport. Written statement have contact details and a few days later was surprised to get your suitcase. So that the impressions of the flight the most, that neither is positive.

He made about three fly aircraft of the airline, making for this time. What is the price of the tickets is not too different from other more highly qualified firms. Here, the entire service is very mediocre.

Despite the rather beautiful name, the company has a high quality of service. Employees do not show the passengers of an individual approach, treating all as if they were not real people, but just temporarily transported cargo.

Flying aircraft of the company for the first time, with the impressions were very ambivalent. Throughout the flight I once offered water, while there was no food at all. The plane good enough, maybe he is not new, but rather a quality repair.

I flew a few times and was pleased with the service. The new planes, all at one time, a lot of space in the cabin. Food, though paid, but good. I recommend!