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Wizz Air - fiscal Hungarian-Polish aviation company with headquarters in Vecsés (Pest counties). Mainly working on the Central European market, the company has a base in the airport of Poznan, Katowice, Gdansk, Warsaw (Chopin) and (Poland); Baku, Azerbaijan); Budapest (Hungary); Bucharest, Cluj, Targu Mures, Timisoara (Romania); Sofia (Bulgaria); Kiev (Juliani) (Ukraine); Belgrade (Serbia), Kutaisi (Georgia), Vilnius (Lithuania); Skopje (Republic of Macedonia).



Aviation company established in September 2003 years. The main investor - American private company Indigo Partners, which specializes in investments in transport. The first flight made May 19 2004 from Katowice, 19 days later, after Hungary and Poland joined the European common aviation market and the European Union. Aviation company has transported over the first three and a half months of work 250000 passengers and almost 1.4 million passengers in its first year of operation. The company transported 2012 million passengers by the end of the year 50.

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CEO and Chairman of the Board - Jozsef Varadi, the former CEO Malév, the Hungarian other aviation companies. The company is registered in London, opened subsidiaries in Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. Wizz Air Bulgaria began work in September 2005. In Kiev, create Wizz Air Ukraine, began working in 2008, the company is a full-fledged aviation company, not a subsidiary of, the founder of a company "Dnipro Aviaeshen" Kyiv.


In Ukraine

Aviation Company in July 11 2008 has started the execution of flights on domestic routes in Ukraine - from Kiev (Borispol airport) to Kharkov, Lvov, Zaporozhye, Odessa and Simferopol, and from Simferopol to Kharkiv and Lviv. Position of the company on 2013-2014 year carried out only one domestic flight to Ukraine in the summer time - from Kiev to Simferopol. On March 11 2014 years, due to changes in the political situation in Crimea, the company Wizz Air will no longer flying in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The first international flight Implemented December 17 2008, in London Luton Airport. In 2013 year made regular international air transport of the following cities in Ukraine: from Kiev (Juliani) - Barcelona, ​​Budapest (Girona), Venice (Treviso), Valencia, Hamburg (Lübeck), Dortmund, Cologne, Katowice, Larnaca, Kutaisi, London (Luton), Moscow, Memmingen (Munich West), Naples and Milan (Bergamo).

From Lviv - Venice (Treviso), Milan (Bergamo) and Dortmund. From Donetsk - Kutaisi and Dortmund, with 1.10.2013 city - Memmingen (Munich West), London (Luton), Rome (Fiumicino) and Milan (Bergamo). From Kharkov - in Kutaisi, a city of 1.10.2013 - Warsaw (Chopin.).

Wizz Air Base in Kiev in March 27 2011 transferred from the airport Borispol Airport Kiev Zhulyany.

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In Russia

Wizz Air to 2008 years persistently tried to enter the Russian market, but could not do so because of constant obstruction by Russian authorities that support the "Aeroflot" (which is doubtful on the basis of bankruptcy 'Malév', and is very active brand promotion S7 aviation company Siberia included as Malev, Van WORLD alliance). It formally explained by the presence of a huge number of flights, and requirements for the carrier, but Wizz Air to fly 2013 year all still fulfilled these requirements and has officially announced the opening of the first flight of Russia: Moscow (Vnukovo) - Budapest with 23 September 2013 years.

After the opening of flights to Budapest - Moscow considers the possibility to launch flights to Kiev - St. Petersburg and Kiev - Moscow, though perhaps for that Wizz Air will create a subsidiary modeled Wizz Air Ukraine. But directly Wizz Air representatives say that the creation of such a company - a very distant prospect due to rigid requirements of Federal Air Transport Agency, but to refuse to increase the geography of flights and the number of flights do not intend to.



Aviation company at the end of the year 2012 flights performed by more than 250 29 areas in countries.

Wizz Air 31 May 2013 year opened flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tuzla airport), 17 of June - in Azerbaijan (Baku)

The C 23 September were started flights to Russia (Vnukovo Airport), c 24 September - to Moldova (Chisinau), with 28 of October - in the UAE (Dubai World Central International Airport).



Ylot Wizz Air as of June 2014 year consists of:

  • 48 Airbus A320-200 (+ 67 ordered)

In 17 planes have the Hungarian registration, three Bulgarian one - Serbian three - Ukrainian. In order more 67 Airbus A320. Aviation company plans to operate more aircraft later 90 5-7 years. Wizz Air planes are easily distinguishable at airports because of their coloring - purple, white, pink color. All A320 equipped with engines of International Aero Engines V2500, even those that are obtained from GECAS for lease.

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Passenger transportation totaled 2008 5,9 million people, 2011 -. 11 million, 2012 - 12 million, 2013 - 13,5 million, 2014 - 15,8 million


Wizz Air - the low-cost airline company, passengers pay directly to the flight, taxes and fees, which may include an additional fuel surcharge, additional services, insurance, fee for security.

Like other low-cost companies, WizzAir sets strict restrictions on carry-on luggage, which is transported in the cabin of the aircraft. Free from October 2012 years is only hand luggage no bigger than 42h32h25 cm, hand luggage up to see 56h45h25 available at extra cost.


Basic data airline Wizz Air:

  • Country Airlines Hungary.
  • Low cost air lines in Eastern Europe.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 2004.
  • IATA airline code: W6.
  • ICAO airline code: WZZ.


Wizz Air (Wizz Air). Official

Wizz Air (Wizz Air). Official site.

Airline Wizz Air (Wizz Air). Official sayt.2



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flight was canceled. W6 6416 from 18 2017 April year. from Sofia to Kutaisi. the airline refused to make alternative flight moreover did not return the money. generally I stole the money. on request does not meet the fraudsters.

Flight attendants on board is very beautiful. Just because they would fly again, and if we add to this the impeccable service. So nothing to say - all at the highest level.

Impressed that, despite the fact that next to me was going Muslim family stewardess did not make the slightest racial differences, providing all the same services. Moreover, I am convinced that neither each airline can boast mannered staff. I approve all 100%!

How many would not fly planes always come across brand-new and very beautiful. Photos before boarding done mass. I will definitely recommend to fly rather than travel by plane. It does not go, no comparison, though slightly more expensive.

More recently she made return ticket and to then had no problems with the purchase of tickets purchased at once in both directions. I want to say that the flight went very well. One way I did, of course, slept, but the second was able to fully enjoy the flight.

I do not know yet whether I'll fly with this airline. Planes they really are in perfect condition, but his attitude to the passengers in a bad way. It would be nice if the company's management was able to convey the information to the flight attendants that they are not the most important people on the flight, namely the passengers!

We were scheduled to fly this company in Budapest from Moscow and back. We ordered tickets went online registration and payment of luggage. Return flight was excellent, no complaints have only positive emotions. All took place at one time, very attentive stewards.
But on the way back everything was happier. When we arrived at Budapest airport, there was still an 1 hour and 15 min left before the flight. We approached the reception desk, but we were sent to the visa counter. Here the girl tells us that we went online, but due to the fact that we did not have a printed landing, we were obliged to pay 40 euros from each. In Moscow they asked to provide a telephone. We explained that we do not have that amount of money, and we were offered to pay 80 euros and buy another ticket. On this we agreed. We provided a card for payment, and then a real circus began. At first the machine did not work, then the paper for checks ended, and in the end she decided that we would wait, and she needed help to other passengers. Only in 40 minutes we managed to pay everything. And when we ran back to the registration, we were told that it was over. Of course, we did not get on the flight. We already purchased the next ticket from Aeroflot.