Air Show in Le Bourget 2015. A brief overview of the upcoming exhibition
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Air Show in Le Bourget 2015. A brief overview of the upcoming exhibition

Air Show at Le Bourget 2015. Overview of the upcoming exhibition.

Prior to the opening of the international air show in Le Bourget there are very few, but experts, including both domestic and foreign, say that this year, the airshow is really a lot of interesting.

The opening of the international air show in Le Bourget will take place on June 21, and it is expected that dozens of countries will present their novelties during the exhibition, and the main competition will be conditioned by innovative solutions from Russian and American aircraft builders. It is worth recalling that at the last air show in Le Bourget, held in 15, the Americans were not present, however, at present, it is expected that aircraft manufacturers will present at least a dozen of their aviation novelties, and that, apart from the separate units and means used in both Civil, and in military aviation.

Russian sphere of aviation at the upcoming exhibition will present once 37 companies and is expected during the passing of the air show will be able to sign at least a dozen major contracts for the supply of equipment, with this applies to both civil aviation and here primarily is attributed domestic airliners Sukhoi Superjet 100 and preparing for the release of the plane MS-21And for military development. Among other things, the Russian delegation will present its military aircraft MiG-29M2, MiG-35, Sioux 30MK2, Sioux 35M, Military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90 etc. Do not do without the attention of participants and also Russian helicopters Mi-8AMTSH, Mi-26, Mi-28NE, Mi-35M, Ka-31Who are well known throughout the world by its practicality and reliability.

It is assumed that 46 from countries that have applied to participate in the international air show in Le Bourget 2015, Russian companies will be most clearly stand out.

In turn, it is important to note that a rather interesting exposition should also appear on aircraft manufacturers from the US - in addition to military equipment, and first of all military helicopters and aircraft that have been upgraded should come in, it is expected that a large number of civil aviation developments will be presented , although the preliminary data the delegation from the US has not yet decided to voice. It is assumed that the main aspects to which aircraft manufacturers from the United States paid attention are more in ensuring flight safety, but these guesses will most likely be confirmed only during the exhibition itself.

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