BAe Jetstream 31 / 32
BAe Jetstream 31 / 32

BAe Jetstream 31/32


 Light short-haul aircraft BAe. Jetstream 31, designed for use at small aerodromes with short runways and intended for passenger air travel to local routes. Turboprop BAe. Jetstream 31, traces its history to the HP-137 Jetstream 1 passenger aircraft, which was produced by the British aircraft manufacturer Handley Page back in the mid-60s, and took off for the first time on 18 August 1967. On December 137, 1, British Aerospace announced work on a deep modernization project for the Handley Page HP-5 Jetstream 1978 aircraft by British Aerospace. 

The Jetstream 31, like its predecessor, the HP-137 Jetstream 1, took the form of a monoplane with a low-wing, moderate sweep and two turboprop engines placed on it.


BAe Jetstream 31 / 32 plane


The first flight of the Jetstream 31 aircraft with installed Garret TPE-331-10UG turboprop engines with an effective power of 900 hp. was committed on March 28, 1980. In addition to the new engines, new, four-blade propellers were installed on the aircraft. The first production model of the aircraft, accommodating 19 passenger seats, was released on January 25, 1982. And on June 29 of the same year BAe. Jetstream 31 received a British Airworthiness Certificate, and by November 1982 an American FAA flight certificate was also issued.

In 1985, the aircraft was equipped with updated TPE-331-12 engines with a capacity of 1020 hp. with .. Modification with this power plant received the designation BAe. Jetstream Super 31. This version is better known as BAe. Jetstream 32. This model, in comparison with the base aircraft, Jetstream 31, has an increased luggage compartment. The cabin of the BAe.Jetstream 32 aircraft can accommodate 14 passenger seats. A version designated Jetstream 32EP was also released. This modification is equipped with TPE-331-12 motors and is capable of carrying up to 19 passengers at an average distance of 1250 kilometers.


inside lux BAe Jetstream 31 / 32


On the basis of the base model Jetstream 31 and modernized Jetstream 32, it was released several different versions of aircraft designed for different purposes. Such modifications may include 12-seater Jetstream Executive Shuttle, focused on business class flights. And also a convertible version of the aircraft - Jetstream QC or Jetstream Quick Change. This version is designed for transportation of both passengers and, if necessary, can quickly convert cabin for transportation of various cargoes.

In addition to these versions were released the following variants of the aircraft:

  • BAe. Jetstream 31EZ - aircraft designed for maritime patrol equipped with radar.
  • Jetstream 31 Special - aircraft for special tasks in different directions, ranging from piloting skills training and ending with the evacuation and transportation of the wounded.
  • Jetstream 31 Corporate - aircraft for business aviation, with the passenger cabin on 10 people. In this version of the installed engines TPE-331-10 900 power hp

Issue aircraft family Jetstream 31 / 32 1993 lasted until the year.

During the period of 1980 1993 386 year it was produced aircraft BAe. Jetstream 31 / 32. To date, the operation is about 120 aircraft of this family.


BAe Jetstream 31 / 32 inside casual


Specifications of BAe Jetstream 31:

First flight of BAe. Jetstream 31: 28 1980 year in March

Production Years: c 1980 1993 year on year

Length: 14,37 m.

Height: 5,32 m.

Wingspan: 15,85 m.

Empty weight: 4360 kg.

Wing area: 25,20 sq.m.

Cruising speed: 425 km / h..

Maximum speed: 490 km / h..

Ceiling: 7620 m.

Practical range: 1260 km.

Takeoff run: 1380 m.

path length: 1240 m.

Engines: 2 TVD TPE-331-10UG

Crew: 2 people

Number of seats: 19 seats

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