BAe Jetstream 41
BAe Jetstream 41

BAe Jetstream 41

Short-haul BAe. Jetstream 41, is a twin-engined plane turbovintelyatornym intended for local airlines.

This aircraft was developed by the British Aircraft Building Concern «British Aerospace», as a continuation of work on the modification of aircraft BAe. Jetstream 31 / 32.

Work on the new aircraft were launched in May 1989 years 30 to create-local airliner for short in routing. The main reason for the development of BAe aircraft. Jetstream 41, was lower than the competition in this market with aircraft Dornier 328, Saab 340 and Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia.

BAe Jetstream 41 plane

BAe. The Jetstream 41, differs from its predecessor primarily extended to 4,88 meter fuselage, which was re-designed with the addition of two additional sections. The first section, the size of 2,51 meters, has been added in front of the wing and the second section, the size of 2,37 meters, was placed behind the fuselage. Wing BAe. Jetstream 41, has been strengthened and is now attached to the lower part of the fairing, which is located under the fuselage of the aircraft. In addition, the bearing surfaces of new aircraft differ enlarged scale, a larger area and improved mechanization.

Turboprop engines TPE33114GR / HR manufactured by AlliedSignal, 1650 hp power were installed on the aircraft. These engines are located on the wing of the aircraft in nacelles, the design of which has also undergone changes. As screws on a BAe aircraft. Jetstream 41, used five-blade propellers manufactured by the American company "McCauley Propeller Systems". The chassis of the new aircraft was strengthened, now its main pillars have twin wheels. The cockpit has also been upgraded. The aircraft uses the digital avionics complex EFIS Primus II, manufactured by Honeywell Aerospace, consisting of four multifunctional displays for displaying flight information and the state of the onboard systems.

Its first flight is a light turboprop airliner BAe. Jetstream 41 made September 25 1991 of the year. For flight and ground tests were built three aircraft. During flight tests, BAe. Jetstream 41, has flown the order of 1790 hours. After completing all the tests, 23 November 1992, the aircraft was issued a European JAA certificate of fitness for flight. The first delivery to the air carriers was completed in two days - 25 November 1992 of the year. In April, the American FAA Flight Certificate was obtained on 1993.

BAe Jetstream 41 cockpit

BAe serial aircraft. Jetstream 41, as standard, allows you to accommodate passenger seats in the 29 cabin. At maximum load, its range is 1433 kilometers. Cruising speed liner 482 kilometer per hour.

In addition to the basic model, is designed to carry up to 30 people, it was built and several aircraft for administrative purposes. Business aircraft modification, is designed to carry up to 14 people in a comfortable cabin.

In the middle of 1991, work was carried out on the Jetstream 51 aircraft project, which would have an elongated fuselage compared to the Jetstream 41, and would allow to carry up to 39 passengers. But this modification was never made.

In May 1997, the company British Aerospace, announced the cessation of production of Jetstream 41 aircraft. For all the production time, a hundred light short-haul Jetstream 41 airliners were built.

BAe Jetstream 41 Salon

Specifications aircraft BAe. Jetstream xnumx

The first flight of BAe. Jetstream 41: 25 September 1991 years

Production Years: c 1992 1997 year on year

Length: 19,25 m.

Height: 5,74 m.

Wingspan: 18,42 m.

Empty weight: 6416 kg.

Wing area: 32,40 sq.m.

Cruising speed: 482 km / h..

Maximum speed: 556 km / h..

Ceiling: 7927 m.

Practical range: 1433 km.

Length of takeoff: 1500 m.

path length: 1320 m.

Engines: 2 TVD TPE331-14GR / HR

Crew: 2 people

Number of seats: 29 seats

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