The luggage compartment of the aircraft
The luggage compartment of the aircraft

The luggage compartment of the aircraft


Every modern passenger airliner is on board luggage compartment arrangement. It should be noted that the Office for baggage have thoughtful design that allows for easy loading. Strong design allows to maintain the integrity even in the explosion in the luggage compartment. The compartment has a power structure arrangement composed with stringers and frames, to which are attached cladding sheets.

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Design of the luggage compartment has set designers task to ensure the integrity of even the explosion of substances that may be present in the cargo. Power frame is made of reinforced profile of triangular cross-section. In this way possible to produce localization possible explosion in the middle compartment without disturbing the integrity of the construction machine. For this purpose, the bottom compartments are made of thicker sheet metal.

Acceptable dimensions for transportation of goods in the baggage compartments of passenger planes

Before poison any cargo, should be familiar with the features and parameters of the aircraft, which it will be forwarded. Also, the basic rules for air transport, must be observed. You need to know what restrictions are due to the spaciousness of the compartment and the size of the loading hatch.

The main representatives of the aircraft and the characteristics of their luggage compartments:

  • Passenger aircraft Yak-40K passenger version has the ability to lift the maximum load weight of commercial 2,7 tons. The total volume of the compartment is 22 cu / m, maximum load is 1,5 meters height and width, length 5 meters.

  • The plane An-24RV has a maximum payload in 5 tons. The load is placed in two compartments. The front is designed to 0,9 tons, and back to 1,17 tons. The maximum permissible load should be no more than 60 cm high, 80 1,5 cm wide and a meter in length.

  • The device Tu-134A also has two compartments for passengers goods. Total payload is 8,6 tons. The front compartment is 1,9 able to download tons and tons of back 2,7. Cargo door front compartment is sized to 1,25 0.75 meters. Dimensions rear compartment hatch equal to 0,9 1,22 meters.

  • Passenger airliner Yak-42D takes on board some loads, weight of each does not exceed 300 kg.

  • IL-86 has the ability to carry up to 15 tons with a full load of passengers. Two cargo holds are located under the floor of the passenger compartment, they are divided into separate compartments 5. The machine takes on board the piece goods and luggage.

  • The Boeing 767 with full passenger load can take more 9 tons. Cargo holds are located on the lower deck of the machine and are divided into 5 cabins.

  • The airliner Airbus A310 has storage compartments located under the passenger saloons. They are equipped with two loading systems, which are controlled by the operator. The compartments can carry the piece cargo, luggage and animals. Additionally, the compartments are equipped with chains to hold the load. Cargo hatch has the ability to load luggage with 2,4 1,7 size on meter.

  • Airplane DC-10-40F has the ability to carry up to 74 tons of cargo in the holds of the two, which are located under the passenger compartment. The hold is divided into 4 cargo compartment. The first two sections are able to put on the container 2, 10 located in a third container. The fourth compartment is designed for general cargo.


The temperature in the luggage compartment

Current models of passenger aircraft even domestic production have heating systems in the baggage compartments. For example, the Airbus type aircraft maintained at a temperature up to + 26 degrees and Boeing models to + 20 degrees. Sub-zero temperatures can not be in the baggage compartments of modern passenger aircraft.

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Sometimes there are situations where the loads are highly dependent on the temperature conditions of transportation. So, when transporting flowers, food, animals, and the like to planes without heating systems in cargo compartments, they can simply be lost. Aircraft fly at altitudes of about ten kilometers, as is known, with a rise up the temperature decreases. At a temperature of + 20 on the ground at such heights, it is -40 degrees. Modern liners have heating systems, which prevents the cargo from freezing. It should be noted that transport aircraft, as a rule, do not have heating elements of cargo compartments.

Transport of animals in the baggage compartment

Many people who plan to fly with your pet (dog, cat), is conducting an online monitoring and stumble on the horrible stories about the hard conditions of transport of animals in the baggage compartments. The one question that in the cargo compartments of low temperature and the animal may freeze, others are added in proof that they had seen frost on containers with animals, while others complement the animal can be crushed by other luggage. All this is fundamentally wrong.

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First of all, we note that the minimum temperature in the luggage compartments of even domestic aircraft does not fall below + 10 degrees. For example, the luggage compartment of the Il-96 aircraft has an air temperature of at least + 12 degrees, Tu-154 has + 15. More modern aircraft have the ability to manually set the required compartment temperature. It should also be noted that the temperature of the passenger compartment is only a couple of degrees above the temperature of the luggage compartments. Because of this, you can be absolutely sure that the minus temperature in the animal transport compartment is simply impossible.

Animals that weigh more than 8 kilos, must be carried in the luggage compartment in special containers. The container should be made of an impact resistant material reliable. The bottom of the container and waterproof moisture-absorbing material. It is necessary to ensure reliable closing, to avoid the self-release of the animal. Also, the size of the container should allow the animal to stand tall and to carry out a reversal. It should be noted that the container should be only one animal.

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Small animals such as birds, can be carried in the passenger cabin in special cells that can be placed under the passenger seat. It should have a black cloth to cover the cells. It is strictly forbidden opening of the container in the aircraft cabin. Also passengers with pets in the cabin of the liner does not have the right to occupy seats near the emergency exits. Be sure to transport any animal must provide the relevant documents and have a veterinary first aid kit.

On passenger airliners carrying all kinds of animals, the weight of which does not exceed the container 50 kg. European airlines restrict the allowable weight 32 kilos. If necessary, transportation of heavier animals use air cargo aircraft accordingly. The passenger is solely responsible for the transportation of animal by air.

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