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Bankruptcy "Transaero" and the first effects.
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Bankruptcy "Transaero" and the first effects.

Bankruptcy "Transaero" and the first effects.


Not yet passed, and day from the moment Rosaviation deprived once the largest in Russia airline "Transaero" air operator certificate, formally forbidding him to carry out activities in fulfillment of passenger traffic. At the moment the bankruptcy of "Transaero" still very early to say, because the correct approach current majority shareholders, the carrier can still be revived, but, nevertheless, the first effects, with increasingly negative, have already begun to be traced.



The first, and perhaps the airplane, a big problem on the part of tens of thousands of passengers is the deficit of flights - with the departure of Transaero, the number of flights for several dozens of air routes has decreased, which ultimately creates great difficulties for passenger transportation in the country. This circumstance was used by several domestic air carriers (their names are not deliberately disclosed by the portal), which intentionally increased the prices for air tickets on several routes, and in addition, because of the actual absence of tickets for flights in the economy class, passengers are in 2- 3 times overpay for the use of business class, which is naturally very problematic, especially given the difficult financial situation in the country. According to experts, the situation here is normalized during 7-10 days, but only this period will suffer far from one thousand passengers.



Interruptions in the schedule and is not the greatest joy to hundreds of passengers, and despite the fact that this problem does not seem so bright, in fact, things are much worse - flights that previously were very comfortable transplant ceased to exist, and the passengers are forced to move on to new flight timetable, which naturally disturbs the normal quality of services, makes use of more expensive services, etc.



Changing the scale of charges provided to new carriers that have replaced "Transaero" can be attributed to both a negative phenomenon, and to the positive. This is due primarily to the fact that on a number in routing airfares to significantly increased (increase of 7 to 15%), which naturally causes passengers to additional losses, however, a number of other air routes marked an almost twofold decrease in prices (Moscow flights - Magadan).

Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify that held still only the first day after the airline "Transaero" has ceased activity, and in fact, the real "fruits" can appear as early as during the week, and, according to experts, they will be clearly negative.


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