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Fleeing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Pervomaisky: FAB strikes forced Ukrainian troops to retreat

Fleeing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Pervomaisky: FAB strikes forced Ukrainian troops to retreat

In recent months, there has been a significant increase in the Russian army's use of glide bombs, in particular the FAB-250, launched from Su-25 attack aircraft. This tactic is becoming increasingly decisive in the conflict, especially in the areas of Avdeevka and Chasovoy Yar.

FAB attacks on the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Dutch publication De Morgen in its editorial notes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), in the face of a shortage of artillery ammunition and air defense missiles, are increasingly relying on drones. At the same time, Russia is actively using glide bombs to achieve a breakthrough along the entire front. Since the beginning of the year, about 3500 such bombs have been used on Ukrainian positions, turning Ukrainian command posts and personnel accommodation points into ruins.

FAB attack on the Ukrainian Armed Forces

A Ukrainian soldier in an interview with De Morgen says:

“After one FAB explosion, our command posts and personnel accommodation centers turn into ruins.”

Western analogue

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have similar weapons in their arsenal - modernized American aerial bombs with the JDAM complex, which were widely used in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, their number is extremely limited. The main advantage of gliding bombs is that they are launched outside the range of Ukrainian air defense. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced a sharp increase in the production of gliding bombs around the clock.

Wonder weapon of Russia

Defense expert Michael Peck of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) believes Russia has found a miracle weapon, while Ukrainian leaders appear to be in despair. Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Ivan Gavrilyuk expressed hope that the F-16 fighters, which Kyiv will receive only at the end of the summer, will change the balance of power in the air battle. However, as De Morgen emphasizes, Russian bombers can easily avoid collisions with F-16s by operating as far as possible from the Ukrainian border, which allows the range of glide bombs.

Impact FAB-3000 in Ukraine

Experts from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) note that Ukrainian positions in Chasov Yar and near Avdiivka are also being destroyed by S-8 and S-13 missiles. The intensity of bomb strikes is 25-30 per day. With the support of aviation, Russian troops are confidently advancing on the Avdeevsky sector of the front.

Escape of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Pervomaisky

By April 9, Pervomaiskoe was liberated, which was abandoned by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russian army also made significant advances in the fields northeast of Netailovo, in Semyonovka and in the fields west of Tonenkoye, as well as southeast of Novokalinovo. Russian troops are trying to cut off and take populated areas on the flanks of the offensive, moving towards the forest area east of Novokalinovo and clearing the forest areas between Tonenkoye and Vodyanoye.

Currently, an offensive is underway on Semenovka, where infantry tactics are predominantly used. Mechanized units entered Semyonovka from the south, and now infantry fighting vehicles, under the cover of electronic warfare, are moving small infantry groups closer to the front line. The capture of Semenovka will open the way to a significant offensive in the direction of Umansky.

ISW confirms that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already partially withdrawn from Berdychi, and almost everyone has fled from the vicinity of Semenovka and Pervomaisky. Thus, Russian glide bomb tactics have a significant impact on the course of the conflict, allowing the Russian army to advance and achieve success in various sectors of the front.

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