Benjamin Peled. Biography. Fighting. A photo.
Benjamin Peled. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

Benjamin Peled. Biography. Fighting. A photo.



Beni Peled was born in Tel Aviv in 1928 In aviation began his journey with the mechanics, but later became one of the best Israeli pilots. The beginning of summer on fighters like "Mustang" and "Spitfire", then moved on to jet planes. During Sinai campaign (1956 of) his plane was shot down, and Benny became the first Israeli pilot who used a catapult device.

Benjamin Peled. Biography. Fighting. A photo. 1


After training at the University of Beni appointed commander of the air base. During the Six Day War Peled he prepared and organized the operation to complete destruction of Egyptian Air Force.

Peled in 1973 Mr. took command of the Israeli Air Force. It happened before Yom Kippur War. Beni believed that Israel could, in 1967, at an instant to destroy the Syrian and Egyptian planes. But the Israelis have lost more than 100 aircraft, several hundred pilots were killed, wounded, captured.

Benjamin Peled. Biography. Fighting. A photo. 2


Peak Peled career was an operation in Entebbe 4.06.1976, at which he showed himself brilliantly. Then Israeli pilots rescued Jewish passengers 103 from French aircraft that was hijacked to Uganda by German and Arab terrorists.

Just a couple of hours before the expiry of the appointed term of terrorists, Israel sent to Uganda 2 Boeing 707, 4 Hercules, and a few Phantoms. About 500 Israeli commando was transferred to Somalia through the Red Sea, bypassing the radar. Ahead, participated in the armada of operations, Boeing flew Beni Peled and Kuti Adam (Deputy Chief of Staff). Their plane was a mobile headquarters operations. The flight was conducted at night, without radio and visual orientation. Doctors and technicians involved in the operation, have been trained.

Benjamin Peled. Biography. Fighting. A photo. 3


While undergoing surgery, Boeing Peled circled over Lake. Victoria. After a 53 min. After the operation, Israeli aircraft took off, carrying on their boards of freed hostages. Of the ten, seven terrorists were killed and three captured. In this operation, unprecedented in terms of accuracy and speed of execution, Israel freed all the hostages. The victims were minimal: 4 9 killed and wounded.

Following the resignation of Beni Peled he served as director of various technology companies in Israel. 13.06.2002, after a long and serious illness died of Beni.


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