Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S350)
Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S350)

Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S350)

Purpose UAV Supercam (S350) is to carry out a planned and panoramic videos and photos, as well as for such tasks.

Application design modular architecture will allow us to make changes to the composition of the payload and varied packaging UAV avionics. And thanks to the tightness of the payload module and the control system service life even under the regular drone of its operation has been considerably extended.

Good handling and high stability allow the use of UAVs "Superkam" in severe weather conditions.

UAV is arranged on the circuit with the pulling power plant, which is best suited for the task. With the additional volume inside the wing UAV consoles can be upgraded over a wide range of instrumentation.

Station automatic control and information and measuring equipment play a direct role in the photo and video with registration parameters (frame number, height, location), which greatly simplifies the further processing of the obtained materials. The main advantage is that the pictures taken Staple can run in automatic mode with the definition of coordinates of objects.

UAV is equipped with a camera with a resolution of Canon 600D 18,5 megapixel camera, gyro-stabilized thermal imaging camera and a television camera.

On the one ground control station can be operated simultaneously 4 UAVs.

UAV "Superkam" is used in two complexes - S350 and S350-f.

UAV latter complex is designed to meet the harsh Russian climate conditions for aerial photography earth's surface.

If you are a hard landing, the wings of the UAV disconnected automatically to reduce the risk of damage to expensive components UAV.

Unmanned aerial vehicle with a maximum flight duration created specifically for long-term photography. This unmanned aircraft is unique in terms of price and quality and allows you to quickly perform mapping using a Canon professional camera 600D and a GPS receiver installed on board the UAV.

Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S350). Characteristics:

Modification S350 S350-f
Wingspan, m 3.50 3.50
Length m 0.77 0.77
Height, m
Weight, kg
maximum take-off 9.5am-11.5pm 9.5am-11.5pm
engine's type 1 ED 1 ED
Power, hp 1 x 1 x
Cruising speed, km / h 65-120 60-125
Radius of action, km 25-50 20
The flight duration, min 180-300 210-300
Operating altitude, m 50-500 50-500
Practical ceiling, m 3600 3600
UAV launch elastic catapult elastic catapult
landing parachute parachute

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We are registered contractors of Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense in Pakistan since 2003.
Our government customer is interested in import over 50 Mini UAV's as per specs which can be sent on request.

What is the warranty period on this machine? Reduced the range of the device if the flight at low ambient temperatures?