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Safety is growing in Russia

Safety is growing in Russia


2015 year for the Russian civil aviation was a record increase in safety.

Despite all skepticism and sanctions against Russia, 2015 was a record year high. level of safety.

In October last year, a conference of the Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers RAAKS was held. Vladimir Kofman made a presentation on safety of flights there. Vladimir Kofman, Chairman of the Commission for the investigation of aviation accidents at the Interstate Aviation Committee of the Interstate Aviation Committee.  

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It can be seen from the diagrams presented in the report that the level of flight safety in Russia is steadily increasing, which cannot but rejoice. They even set a kind of safety records. The period covered by the report covers the period from 1957. The five-year plan is taken as the basic time unit. That is, five-year periods are considered. 1957-1961, 1962-1966 and so on up to our time. One of the charts clearly shows that the rate of accidents and disasters is constantly decreasing. The lowest accident rate was in the USSR in the period before the collapse, that is, from 1987-1991, when aviation was still at its best, although aviation equipment was rapidly becoming obsolete by those years. Probably, this was due to the worked out maintenance and repair schemes. There were also highly qualified personnel, both flight and technical, who went through the Soviet school of multi-stage training and career growth.

In the next decade, the level of accidents and incidents has sharply increased almost two-fold. For this, too, had plenty of reason to bring them here and it makes no sense.

But, here's what is interesting and indicative, starting from 2001, the indicators began to decline, at first slightly, but by the five-year period from 2012 the indicators reached the level of 1987-1991. And in aviation accidents, the indicators of our time are even significantly lower than the last five-year period of the USSR. The statistics of our time, after the collapse of the Union, also included the statistics of the CIS states. Aviation accidents were considered to have occurred with heavy passenger aircraft with a gas turbine engine.

But good performance relate only to aircraft of 1 3 class. For those who do not remember the standard classification adopted in the Russian Armed Forces will remind: Planes

  • 1-75 class of tons and more
  • 2-grade by up to 30 75 tonnes
  • 3-grade by up to 10 30 tonnes
  • 4-grade tonnes to 10
  • Light aircraft
  • Ultralight ultralights to 495 kg.

So, positive and optimistic statistics regards aircraft 1-3 class, but more indicators are beginning to fall.

For airplanes 4-class tendency to reduce the accident rate remains, but the accident rates have significantly worse.

I think that the findings can make the reader. Aircraft 4-class aircraft is mainly international flights such as the AN-2, A-410, An-38 and others.

Not too impressive statistics and helicopters. Trends in the level of safety is not observed. That is, in our time, helicopters are the most alert View Sun. And yet those will remain.

Indicators for accidents and disasters in GA are quite stable. If the level of catastrophes in 2015 (10 months) is much lower than the level of the most emergency 2012, then in comparison with the level of 2013 it even increased.

Although these are just statistics. And for such a complex industry as aviation and flight safety, this is very relative information. There are too many factors that affect flight safety. For example, for GA, statistics do not take into account a significant increase in the fleet of aircraft of all types, a significant increase in flight time, and other factors.

At the end of the article I would like to recall the statement that made immortal Mark Twain: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

And for those who believe in horoscopes:

2016 year for aviation is expected to be trouble-free,

According to the astrologers.

All last holidays and all soft landings.

Especially for the portal avia.pro Valery Smirnov

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