The battle for leadership in the sky. Airbus against Boeing
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The battle for leadership in the sky. Airbus against Boeing

The battle for leadership in the sky. Airbus against Boeing


The age-old confrontation between the world's two largest aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, until recently, was observed only in spurts, and this was due primarily to the recent developments on both sides. At present day, a kind of battle between two Aircraft Corporation goes on almost equal terms, which ultimately can lead to the fact that the backlog of the opponent did not bring nothing but loss, loss of customers and thus reduce profits.


Fighting aviation giants Airbus and Boeing


Most attention to date, deserves Aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which is almost every month patents new projects relating in particular are not so many new aircraft, as their devices, and it should be noted, does his thing - interest in the Aircraft Corporation starts to grow, albeit and a very small rate, but it certainly increases the gap between its main competitor - the company Boeing.



At first glance, it might seem that the design of unusual seats for passenger airliners, very much like a bicycle; The creation of special helmets for a comfortable pastime in flight, experiments to reduce fuel consumption and increase the range of aircraft flight, nothing more than children's fun, but in reality, the Airbus Aircraft Corporation is on the right path - experts invest in the near future without trying to increase sales currently. Using the same "bicycle" seats to increase the passenger capacity of aircraft can play an important role for most loukosterov, as it will allow to transport more passengers at the previous expenses, and accordingly Airbus airlines will be in great demand.

As for the aircraft-building company Boeing, a decision has been made to develop along the path somewhat different from that of the aircraft-building giant Airbus. The main difference between the nearest development of the Boeing aircraft-building corporation is the technical side, according to which attempts are made to switch to higher reliability of its airliners, the development of fundamentally new devices that avoid emergencies on board aircraft, etc. Among other things, not so long ago, the aircraft building company Boeing attempted to transfer its aircraft (in the near future naturally) to fuel-free resources, that is, it was trivial to equip airliners with solar panels, which would, in the initial stages, reduce fuel consumption, make flights more environmentally friendly , But it is quite possible in the near future it could help and completely abandon the idea of ​​using expensive aviation fuel, the expenditure of which is really colossal.



Despite the fact that attempts Aircraft Boeing's technically still fail, it did not diminish the importance of the work in, since in any case there is a certain experience, which in the future may be implemented as a valid business idea.

According to some experts, the opposition Aircraft Boeing's seriously hampered for reasons well-known company's cooperation in the military sphere, which makes a kind of brain drain in this regard to the more important areas of development.


The current state of the Aircraft Corporation Boeing and Airbus



To date, it is difficult to indicate which of the world's two largest aircraft building corporations is the leader in aviation, but it is worth suggesting that leadership, albeit small, is currently held by the Boeing aircraft-building company. Mainly the leadership is manifested in the number of contracts won for the supply of aircraft, but it should also be emphasized that Airbus's lagging behind is not that far, especially since just the other day Airbus won a tender for the delivery of its wide-bodied airplanes next year to 50 Most intercepting the initiative with Boeing literally before our eyes. Nevertheless, it is worth noting, the Boeing airline still has an advantage because of the larger number of new and modified aircraft - as it was previously claimed, this aircraft-building corporation wins in terms of its manufacturability.


Prospects for future development of the Boeing and Airbus


To date, Airbus Aircraft Corporation has a number of future prospects:

  • Implementation of previously developed projects in their industry;
  • Development of a new wide-body aircraft Airbus A390;
  • The development project of sverhvmestitelnogo airliner;


Agree, the prospects are not so much, but all of them can be implemented in the very near future, since all the technology and tools exist for this, and it is possible that this could be a decisive step for the leadership of the corporation in the sky.



As the immediate prospects of the development of aircraft corporation Boeing, the progress is developing very moderate pace, aimed primarily at modifying the existing models of aircraft, for the improvement of their higher performance and reliability. It does not rule out the possibility that in the near future, the Boeing Company will:

  • The most technically advanced model aircraft;
  • Ensure low volatility of its aviation fuel;
  • Moving on to the implementation of previously developed, but are not designed models of their aircraft.


Thus, in almost identical chance of success is very not hard to conclude that the so-called "battle for leadership in the sky," win that aircraft maker, which first realizes his immediate plans, and not exclude the possibility that any of the corporations, it may be due to collapse because of its aircraft equipment is no longer competitive.


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