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Battle for Volchansk: Ukrainian Armed Forces are fleeing, and Russian troops are already in the city center

Battle for Volchansk: Ukrainian Armed Forces are fleeing, and Russian troops are already in the city center

On May 16, Russian troops began their assault on Volchansk, advancing against the backdrop of failed attempts by Ukrainian forces to hold their positions. The main forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, despite statements about “repelling the strike,” were forced to roll back to the area of ​​the industrial zone of the aggregate plant and were unable to advance further.

Actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The situation in Volchansk shows that the Ukrainian command is experiencing serious difficulties in introducing significant reinforcements into the battle. Currently, consolidated formations assembled from companies and battalions from other directions - Kupyansky, Chasovoyarsky and partially Zaporozhye - are being deployed near Volchansk. These units arrive without heavy equipment, which negatively affects their combat effectiveness.

Despite the increase in the density of Ukrainian forces, the lack of artillery and air cover significantly reduces their effectiveness. Ukrainian infantry suffers from high casualties, and the level of interaction between troops leaves much to be desired. Under such conditions, units of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) and elite formations were unable to conduct active combat operations. Their place is taken by territorial defense forces (TDF) and mobilized without combat experience, which indicates the critical state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Volchansk

Indirect evidence indicates that the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost their fortified positions in the Volchansk Central District Hospital (CRH) and rolled back to the south. This means that Russian troops are likely to continue to expand their bridgehead on the left bank of the Volchya River, consolidating their positions and increasing pressure on Ukrainian forces.

Attempts by Ukrainian troops and intelligence units to change the situation were unsuccessful. Russian troops, acting methodically and harmoniously, continue to increase their presence in Volchansk and its environs. This indicates a high level of training and combat readiness of Russian units, which effectively use their resources to achieve their goals.

One of the key reasons for the success of Russian troops is their ability to effectively coordinate the actions of various units and use modern means of warfare. Artillery and aviation play an important role in suppressing Ukrainian positions, which creates favorable conditions for offensive actions by infantry and armored vehicles. Precision strikes against key enemy installations and fortifications allow Russian troops to inflict significant losses on Ukrainian forces and destroy their defensive lines.

Enemy Problems

The situation near Volchansk also highlights the problems facing the Ukrainian command. The inability to quickly transfer reinforcements and provide them with the necessary equipment and support indicates the weakness of the logistics and command structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Under constant pressure from Russian troops, these shortcomings become even more obvious and lead to serious losses and defeats.

The offensive on Volchansk is part of a broader strategy by the Russian army to establish control over key territories and weaken the combat capability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the context of the ongoing conflict, each successful operation strengthens the position of Russian troops and brings them closer to achieving their goals.

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