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"Boeing" is one of the largest corporations in the world, which is developing a new aircraft. It also produces military equipment and equipment for the space industry. This company is located in the United States, namely in the city of Chicago.

The company consists of two large divisions that are working on a variety of techniques. The first company "Boeing" unit designated as Commercial Airplanes and is working on a technology for civil use, and the second division of Integrated Defense is aimed at the development of space technologies and equipment for military use. There is also a department that is dedicated to developing innovative technologies that enables the company to keep pace with the times.


As for the production itself, it is scattered in several US cities. The most powerful centers are located in California and the city of Everett.

History and Development Corporation "Boeing"

It can be divided the entire history of the formation of the company at certain time steps, because this company has suffered as the ups and downs in their activities.

The first stage can be considered the creation and the first steps of the company, it lasted until the 30s of the last century. The first achievement of the designers was the creation of two B&W seaplanes that were able to take off in the early summer of 1916. These machines were created by the joint efforts of two designers, namely W. Boeing and engineer D. Konrad. And a month after the first flight of machines, these designers organized their own company with the name Pacific Aero Company. But this name lasted only until May 1917, after which it was replaced by Boeing Airplane. The big advantage of the chief designer W. Boeing was that he had a great store of knowledge, since he graduated from Yale University, and also worked for some time in the forestry industry. All this helped him a lot when creating the first air devices made of wood.


The next stage of development took from 1930 in the 1940-ies. The US government was aimed at actively developing and increasing the country's combat power in connection with the Second World War. Due to this, Boeing Company worked with great productivity, mostly bombers were manufactured in large quantities. For this period, almost women worked at factories, as men took an active part in hostilities. Manufacturing of aircraft went on a fast pace, every month 1944 the company produced more than 350 of such machines. As for the production itself, the factories were masked with greenery, which made it possible to protect them from enemy air strikes.

During these years, almost all of the country's aviation enterprises have been merged into one, thus significantly faster and more accurately create combat vehicles. The most famous aircraft company "Boeing" were B-17 Flying and B-29, which were collected simultaneously from several factories.


Since 1950 1970-for years the company had enough active development, a large number of aircraft of various classes have been developed. In the early 50-ies the first bomber with jet engine was created, it was a breakthrough in the aircraft industry. This machine had the designation Boeing B-47, was also designed a more perfect machine with the designation B-52. It is the plane in-52 Stratofortress is a symbol of the Cold War, because at that time actively pursuing the arms race between the two countries.

In the middle of 60-x company "Boeing", the first jet plane for passenger transport was created, it was Boeing 367-80. It first flew in July 1964 years. It is this model paved the way for virtually all passenger airliners 700-Series.


At that time, a passenger airliner Boeing 737 was designed and manufactured. It is the most massive among all jet planes intended for the carriage of passengers. Before 2013, more than 7,6 thousand of such machines were built. Before 1969, another passenger liner, Boeing 747, was ready. It was already an apparatus with two decks, it had a wide fuselage. All this made this car the largest and the heaviest in the world, it could carry the largest number of passengers. Such indicators lasted for him for 37 years from the date of construction. This record was beaten only in 2005 by an airplane of the type A380.

Aircraft Boeing

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Boeing (Boeing) - USA, Chicago Boeing logo
Boeing 767 - 767 Boeing 
Boeing 767-200 - Boeing 767-200      Boeing 767-300 - Boeing 767-300
                                                      Boeing 767-400 - Boeing 767-400

Over the decades, a series of passenger ships 1990-Series was created to 700 years. The most well-known and high-quality machines that time was the aircraft "Boeing 767». They are distinguished by the fact that there were two jet engines, which were characterized by high performance efficiency. It was an intermediate model between the huge 747 and small apparatus such as "Boeing 757». The latter was created to replace the old 727-th model. It first flew in the winter 1982 years and manufactured serially until 2004-th.


In the early 90-x and up to 2010 years digging "Boeing" most actively and efficiently to develop new technologies to improve their creations. It was established in the year 1994 airliner type "Boeing 777», which is designed for long-haul flights with a large number of passengers on board. He set a record for the flight range - 21 thousand kilometers. 1997 year brought a significant expansion of the company, because "Boeing" has absorbed another American aircraft manufacturing giant called "McDonnell Douglas".

Boeing Helicopters

James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Boeing (Boeing) - USA, Chicago. Boeing logo James Jabara ("Jabby"). Biography. Combat action. A photo. 4 Sikorsky Aircraft - USA. Sikorsky Aircraft logo

Over on with 2004 2009 year has created a whole new line of high quality and cost-effective aircraft with two jet engines. These devices have a wide fuselage that can accommodate far more passengers, they are referred to as "Boeing 787 Dreamliner». This machine is the most economical of all the previous devices of the corporation.


"Boeing" company produced many other machines, which are also worthy of high marks for flight and economic characteristics. We should not forget about the product, which is manufactured for the military and aerospace industry.

The main activity of the company «Boeing»

Currently, the corporation is engaged in the design and manufacture of aviation equipment for civilian use and the transport of passengers, in addition, actively developed military and space aviation technology. The company is the main competitor to the world famous company Airbus, which is also engaged in civil aviation. In addition, the company "Boeing" is developing helicopters for different purposes, and participates in government space programs.


Production equipment is carried out simultaneously in 67 countries of our planet. And its products are sold in countries 145. With regard to partners and suppliers, the "Boeing" cooperates with more than 5,2 thousands of companies from all over the world. At the beginning of the year 2001 was organized by a separate unit for controlling operation of the corporation's branches. This department is developing a strategic plan for the further development of the company, which will beat the competition and maximize profit.

Everett, WA, United States Plant "Boeing" in Everett
Seattle, United States Plant "Boeing" in Seattle
St. Louis, United States Plant "Boeing" in St. Louis

"Boeing" corporation has only one global competitor, which is the European Airbus Corporation. These firms occupy the same niche in the global market, it offers almost as similar products.


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