Boeing 747
Boeing 747

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Jumbo Jet, aka Boeing 747 - chetyrehdvigatelny, wide-body passenger aircraft with two decks for long aviamigistraley. Boeing 747 long remained the largest passenger plane until it appeared airliner Airbus A380.

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The program to build Boeing 747 1966 was launched in the year. And in January 1970, the first planes began arriving in a commercial plane. When designing a new aircraft company Boeing, near Seattle had to build a new hangar building to the first model, the Boeing 747-100 could fit there.


Series -100, -200 and -300


The first modification, 747-100, has a length of about 70 20 meters and a height meter wingspan in 60 meters. His weight was 162 tons. In order to cover the distance of flight of about ten thousand kilometers, for it was developed by Pratt & Whitney engines are special. Later, the engines began to be used by the companies General Electric and Rolls Royce. In the "hundredth" version includes improved model 747-100B, as well as short-range version with a seating capacity of up to 550 people - 747-100SR (Short Range), designed especially for short flights between the Japanese islands.


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The "two-hundredth" series received a higher initial weight and a longer flight range. In the version of 747-200B it is 10800 kilometers. Undoubted advantage was the ability to easily adapt passenger planes into cargo (747-200F), as well as combined (747-200C, 747-200M). And the option -200C has undergone further improvements in terms of cargo transportation. One of such improvements was the flap nose. In 1983 Boeing 747-300 has risen to the sky. Ego main characteristics were increased. The range was now 12300 kilometers. The upper deck was extended. And consequently the number of passenger seats increased. The series also includes variants of cargo-passenger - 747-300M and 747-300SR intended, as well as -200SR for domestic flights of Japan.


Boeing 747 interior scheme

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The most successful version 747-400 and 747-8 new


The 747-400 model boasts that it is the best-selling Boeing. It was put into operation in 1989 year. In comparison with 747-300, it has an improved wing, more powerful engines, improved quality of the interior. 747-400 achieves maximum flight range without landing for refueling 13,5 thousand kilometers and can fly at speeds up to 913 kilometers per hour. On the decks of the "four hundredth" can accommodate up to 524 passengers. Also, the cargo version of the liner was released, the 747-400F model, combined, the 747-400M model, for short runs - 747-400D and 747-400ER version for longer flights. Production of the Boeing 747-400 ended in December 2009, with the advent of a new model of Boeing 747-8, the first flight of which took place in February 2010. Presented are two versions of the aircraft, the passenger 747-8I and the freight 747-8F. Both models are equipped with GE's new energy-saving engines, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces harmful emissions.

The modified Boeing 747 American president is capable of speeds up to 1000 km per hour. Thanks to the excellent technical characteristics it is called "Plane Apocalypse.


Features Boeing 747-400ER:

  • Length: 70,6 m.
  • Height: 19,4 m.
  • Wingspan: 64,4 m.
  • Wing area: 541 sq.m.
  • Empty weight: 180,8 tonnes
  • The diameter of the fuselage: 6,5 m.
  • Maximum speed: 988 km / h.
  • Range: 14200 km.
  • Number of seats: 416-524 Places
  • Crew: 2 person


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