Boeing 747-400
Boeing 747-400

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Chetyrehdvigatelny Boeing 747-400, is a wide-body, long-haul, passenger plane built by the double-deck chart company «Boeing Commercial Airplanes». This airplane, though designed on the basis of previous models in this family, but structurally is a new plane. The new airplane has become much more spacious than the previous version of the aircraft of the Boeing 747. With the new engine, the noise level serial Boeing 747-400, became twice less than that 747-300And fuel efficiency has increased by 25 percent.

Boeing 747-400 photo

Boeing 747-400 plane

In the early 1984, the company «Boeing Commercial Airplanes», beginning work on a new plane, due to the fact that modification 747-300, did not raise sales, as the company wanted. And to all the added problem of development of competing aircraft, such as the McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Airbus A330 и Airbus A340That in the future could take market share from the company «Boeing». And in September of the same year, at the air show in Farnborough, it announced the creation of a new airliner, Boeing 747 Advanced Series 300. Officially, however, the program was launched On October 22 1985 years. The first customer for the new airliner became the American airline «Northwest Airlines», which was an initial order for the supply of aircraft 10. Later expanded list of major customers such as the airlines'Cathay Pacific","Japan Airlines","Singapore Airlines","British Airways","United Airlines", French"Air France"And the German"Lufthansa". The main customers were also consultants for the design of a new airliner. After approval of the project, the aircraft received the designation Boeing 747-400.

The new aircraft were elongated wings span which now stands at 64,44 meters, which is more than 4,8 meters from 747-300. Now the wings of Boeing 747-400, steel equipped with winglets, so-called winglets. When constructing an airplane wing, composite materials have been applied, it had a positive effect on the weight of the structure. To increase the flight range of the plane was installed additional fuel tank.

The basis of the power plant Boeing 747-400, performed new economic turbojets Pratt & Whitney PW-4056 252,4 with traction kN. In subsequent models also installed motors General Electric CF6-80-C2B1Fs, CF6-80-C2B1F1s and engines RollsRoyce RB-211-524G with traction 258,0 kN.

On Boeing 747-400, it installed a new digital avionics, consisting of six multi-function display and the new avionics. This solution has reduced the crew to two.

The upper deck was also extended, now it has become two times longer than the original version of a family of airliners Boeing 747.

Boeing 747-400, in three classes, which can accommodate 416 passenger seats. The interior configuration of economy and business, can accommodate 524 passengers. A maximum, economy class, passenger capacity is 660 people.

Final assembly of the aircraft was carried out at the company «Boeing», located in the city of Everett. January 26 1988, when the plane rolled off the assembly hangar, the company had more than 100 orders for this aircraft.

A 29 April 1988 years, Boeing 747-400, rose air. The first test flight lasted more than two hours. The tests involved four aircraft Boeing 747-400, with different engines. A January 10 1989, the airplane received the first flight certificate FAA. 26 January this year, Boeing 747-400 was handed over to the first customer in the face of airline «Northwest Airlines». The first flight of this aircraft was made in "Minneapolis - Phoenix», 9 February 1989 years.


Boeing 747-400 photo salon

747 400 Salon

Further work on the Boeing 747-400, imparted to the creation of such modifications as:

  • - Boeing 747-400 F, the cargo version of the plane, which first flew in May 4 1993 years. This version is equipped with a nose cone rising up, allows access to the cargo bay.

  • - Boeing 747-400 M Combi, combination, cargo-passenger version of the aircraft. The first flight was made on it in June 30 1989 years. This version is equipped with a cargo door at the rear of the fuselage.

  • - Boeing 747-400 ER, extended-range airliner flight. The aircraft was put into operation in October 31 2002 years.

  • - Boeing 747-400 D, a version designed specifically for Japanese airlines to operate at the regional and local in routing. The first flight of this version took place on March 18 1991 years.

  • - Boeing 747-400 ERF, air cargo version with extended range. The first aircraft of this version was passed in October 17 2002, the French airline «Air France».

In addition to the civil and commercial options on the basis of Boeing 747-400 manufactured airplanes and for military purposes.

Boeing 747-400, became the best-selling aircraft of all family «747». During its production of 1988 2009 year 694 units were produced this version of an airliner. Of these, the basic passenger version 747-400, produced and delivered 442 aircraft.


Boeing 747-400 interior scheme

Boeing 747-400 interior scheme


Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 747-400 - Transaero


Technical characteristics of the aircraft Boeing 747-400:


  • The first flight of Boeing 747-400: 29 April 1988 years.

  • Production Years: c 1988 2009 year on year

  • Length: 70,67 m.

  • Height: 19,41 m.

  • Wingspan: 64,44 m.

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 6,1 m.

  • Empty weight: 180985 kg.

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 362875 kg.

  • Wing area: 541,2 sq.m.

  • Cruising speed: 907 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 939 km / h..

  • Ceiling: 13750 m.

  • Range: 13430 km.

  • Engines: 4 x turbofan Pratt & Whitney PW-4056 (252,4 kN), PW-4060s (266,9 kN), PW-4062s (275,8 kN), General Electric CF6-80-C2B1Fs (252,4 kN), CF6-80-C2B1F1s ( 273,6 kN), RollsRoyce RB-211-524G (258,0 kN).

  • Crew: 2 people

  • Number of seats: 660 seats in economy class


Boeing 747-400. Gallery.

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Boeing 747-400. Video.



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