Boeing 777X
Boeing 777X

Boeing 777X


Boeing 777X is another innovation of the aircraft manufacturer, and is supposed to be the aircraft will be an excellent vehicle for the carriage of passengers between cities, countries and continents. As expected, the aircraft should be operational in the year 2020, that by the standards of the global civil aviation is not so much.



At the moment it became known that the passenger airliner Boeing 777X will have a number of improvements over the usual, already well-known Boeing 777 of the previous generation. Reducing fuel consumption by an amount of 20-30% will make air travel the most economical, and the acquisition of such passenger aircraft by airlines around the world will quickly pay off. In addition, it is also known that the airliner Boeing 777X will throw into the environment at 17-19% less carbon dioxide and harmful substances, which makes air transportation more environmentally friendly.



At the moment, there is information that the aircraft will be available in two basic versions:

  • Boeing 777-8;
  • Boeing 777-9.


It is assumed that the plane Boeing 777X will be the most technologically advanced passenger airliner in the world, and what we see in the example already appear Boeing 787 Dreamliner, is only the beginning. Experts aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing claimed that the risk of a plane crash involving their new aircraft will be the minimum in the history, but the details do not protrude.


The characteristics of the aircraft Boeing 777X



  • Number of seats - 400;
  • Flight range - more than 17 thousand kilometers;
  • Wingspan during flight - 71.8 meters;
  • Wingspan when folded (on the ground) - 64,8 meters;
  • Engine - GE9X
  • Estimated cost - 380 million. Dollars.


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