Boeing 797
Boeing 797

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In the near future, Boeing company plans to finish work on the creation of the spacious, large and reliable aircraft - Boeing 797On which development has been going on since the middle of the year 2012. The main task of the designers of the company is not only to improve current aviation ideas. But to make a flight from one point of the globe to another as comfortable as possible for passengers, because only in this case, the success of the new development will be guaranteed.

On the first, albeit not official information, a new aircraft will use the idea of ​​a flying wing. Such an idea, of course, is not an innovation, and has been repeatedly used by the United States in military developments. A typical example of this is the B-2 bomber, which has repeatedly shown all its qualities in a better context. Nevertheless, if we consider the design of the future airliner Boeing 797, we can come to one very important conclusion - with high reliability, it will have a small speed of flight from one point to another, and the fault will be all its large wings that will not allow the aircraft To overcome the sound speed, but on the other hand, even with such characteristics, the new passenger liner will be able to provide all the essentials to any passenger of the flight.


Boeing 797. A photo.

Boeing 797 photo


Note that Boeing 797 It has a streamlined shape, which allows him to better maneuver in the air, but on the other hand, the absence of the tail section from an airliner would not allow him to make quick maneuvers. In this case, it is likely to be used more thrusters, which will allow much faster to take a course at a certain point navigation, or dial the required tier.

Passenger capacity of the new airliner will be 1000 people, and flight range of most likely closer to 20 thousand kilometers. Already today Implemented reservation on the Boeing model airplanes 159 797, and most likely in the very near future we will be able to see how the airplane makes its first flight.


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