Battles for Novokalinovo and Ocheretino: Russian troops advanced a record 2,5 kilometers
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Battles for Novokalinovo and Ocheretino: Russian troops advanced a record 2,5 kilometers

Battles for Novokalinovo and Ocheretino: Russian troops advanced a record 2,5 kilometers

Recently, the fighting has taken a new turn. Special attention should be paid to reports on the situation in the Avdeevsky direction, where, according to the latest data, Russian troops continue an active offensive. This information is especially relevant in the context of an ongoing special operation.

Artillery battles

The artillery units of the Center group of troops play a key role in the events in the Avdeevsky direction. It is reported that the artillerymen successfully destroyed a stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Such operations typically require precise coordination and cooperation between different types of troops, including aerial reconnaissance. During such reconnaissance missions, a platoon stronghold with Ukrainian fighters was discovered, which allowed the artillery to accurately strike.

Map of the battles for Novokalinovo and Ocheretino

The use of 122-mm D-30 howitzers allows firing from closed positions, which significantly increases the safety of the artillery crews themselves and the effectiveness of combat missions. The destruction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ fortified infantry in their positions testifies to the high accuracy and professionalism of the military personnel.

Assault on Ocheretino and Novokalinovo

In other sectors of the front, in particular in the Ocheretino and Novokalinovo regions, Russian assault units are also demonstrating activity. In Ocheretino, it was possible to successfully attack the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strongholds and advance deep into their positions to a distance of 2,5 km. This indicates the desire of Russian troops to occupy strategically important objects and strengthen their positions in the occupied territories.

Map of the battles for Novokalinovo and Ocheretino

In the Novokalinovo area, “our guys” are strengthening their flanks and have successfully taken control of the forest belt to the east. The actions of the assault groups of the Central Military District (Central Military District) in Berdychi demonstrate strategic planning and the ability to quickly maneuver, which, in turn, makes it possible to achieve significant successes on the battlefield.

Map of the battles for Ocheretino

Strategic significance and possible consequences

The described actions of Russian troops in the Avdeevsky direction and in adjacent areas undoubtedly have important strategic significance. Occupying key territories and successfully holding them in the face of constant clashes allows not only to strengthen positions, but also creates the preconditions for further advancement.

Strikes on Ukrainian Armed Forces positions in Novokalinovo

However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are actively using their reserves, and although this does not make significant adjustments, the tasks of liberating Ocheretino and Novokalinovo are becoming more complicated.

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