Bombardier LearJet 31. Technical data. A photo. Salon
Bombardier LearJet 31. Technical data. A photo. Salon

Bombardier LearJet 31. Technical data. A photo. Salon


Bombardier LearJet 31 - American twin-engine airplane business class, originally manufactured by Aircraft Corporation Lear Jet Corporation, however, after the merger with Bombardier Aerospace, the aircraft received its current name.


Bombardier LearJet 31 photo


The primary goal with the release of the aircraft aircraft manufacturers Bombardier LearJet 31 was to improve the technical characteristics of the previous model, Bombardier LearJet 29 and a corresponding decrease in cost of the aircraft. Eight-administrative Bombardier LearJet 31 aircraft made its first flight in 1987 year, and from year 1990, the aircraft began to massively produced.


Bombardier LearJet 31A photo


The main difference between a business jet Bombardier LearJet 31 from the previous models have been reduced fuel consumption, but due to the fact that the shape and dimensions of the aircraft is not much different from the Bombardier LearJet 29, the aircraft designer managed to increase the range of flight of the aircraft, which is more than 3 thousand kilometers, in some modified versions, this figure comes to 3539 kilometers.

Significant changes cabin Bombardier LearJet 31 are also the hallmark of the previous versions. Due to the special configuration of the cabin, passengers can conveniently enough located inside the aircraft, which makes comfortable even very lengthy air travel. After the failure with the aircraft Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29, aircraft manufacturers have decided to return a few options for configuration of the cabin, and now, the customer can choose how he wants to see your own business jet, however, often still room off with leather, wood and plastic.


Photo salon Bombardier LearJet 31A


Has undergone changes in the airplane Bombardier LearJet 31 and powerplant - which have become familiar from previous models truboreaktivnye General Electric engines were replaced by two turbojet engines Garrett TFE731-2, 31,2 total capacity in kN.

In just a year, aircraft manufacturers produced 38 units of aircraft Bombardier LearJet 31, after which the light appeared a modified version - Bombardier LearJet 31A, with improved avionics, increased flight range and slightly modified bundle interior. The new version of the aircraft produced until 2000 years, while aircraft manufacturers again revised the concept of the production of these aircraft, and literally from that time, began to produce models of Bombardier LearJet 31A / ER, flight range which reaches 3500 kilometers.

Currently, aircraft Bombardier LearJet 31 used by some airlines, air traffic service providers by means of business jets, as well as government agencies, including the Department of Transportation of Indonesia, the Government of Pakistan, as well as NASA.


Technical characteristics of the aircraft Bombardier LearJet 31


  • Crew: 2 person;
  • Passenger: 8 people;
  • aircraft Length: 14,83 m .;
  • Wingspan: 13,36 m .;
  • Plane Height: 3,73 m .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 903 km \ h .;
  • Cruising speed: 829 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance:
    • Bombardier LearJet 31: 3021 km .;
    • Bombardier LearJet 31A: 3270 km .;
    • Bombardier LearJet 31A / ER: 3539 km .;
  • Maximum height of flight: 15545 m. (Depending on the model);
  • Type of aircraft engine: 2 × Garrett TFE731-2;
  • Link: 2 × 15,6 kN.


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