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LearJet 85
Bombardier LearJet 85

Bombardier LearJet 85


Business aircraft Bombardier LearJet 85 is the latest innovation in the program LearJet. Sami development of this aircraft began in 2007 year, and a year later the aircraft was presented to the public. The main feature of Bombardier LearJet 85 is the increased maximum takeoff weight, reduced fuel consumption - compared to the previous model Bombardier LearJet 75New aircraft spends on 3% less fuel, making it even more efficient to fly.



Starting with the current, 2014 years, are expected first delivery of the aircraft to its customers, and it is worth noting that the business aircraft Bombardier LearJet 85 enjoys very high popularity, as have committed pre-order over a hundred units of this model.

It is also worth noting that compared to the previous model, the new Bombardier LearJet 85 4828 can fly about kilometers, which is ideal for the needs of business aviation.



Today factories producing airplanes Bombardier LearJet 85 opened in Mexico and Northern Ireland, and is expected if LearJet 85 will continue to be popular, then, Bombardier will open new factories for the production of the model in other parts of the world.


Specifications Bombardier LearJet 85


  • Crew: 2;
  • Passenger capacity: 8 people;
  • Length: 20,76 m;
  • Wingspan: 18,75 m;
  • Height: 6,08 m;
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 10977 kg;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 15195 kg;
  • Powerplant: 2 turbine engine Pratt & Whittney PW307B;
  • Maximum speed: 871 km / h;
  • Cruising speed: 829 km / h;
  • Distance flight: 4828 km;
  • Service ceiling: 14 935 m.


Bombardier LearJet 85. Gallery.

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Bombardier LearJet 85. Video.



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