Bombardier has come to China. Joint cooperation and new opportunities
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Bombardier has come to China. Joint cooperation and new opportunities

Bombardier has come to China. Joint cooperation and new opportunities.


Bombardier Aircraft Corporation and Tianjin Airport signed a draft agreement on the establishment of facilities for the maintenance of aircraft in the territory of mainland China, and it certainly brings advantages for Canadian corporations, in particular, will enable China to promote the brand market.

On the eve of Bombardier Corporation and Tianjin airport management announced that they have officially signed the final agreement confirming their joint cooperation, which in turn was the beginning of construction of a complex of means for the maintenance of aircraft of aircraft manufacturer. Currently in China it was nothing like this, and because the interest of Chinese carriers to these planes remains very low - the country has a little more than a hundred Bombardier aircraft.



The new air service complex, which is going to be opened already in 2017, will be located almost on 9 thousand square meters, and include a hangar for servicing aircraft and several workshops equipped in such a way that it will produce both the previously planned inspection of the aircraft and Its repair, including complex, but at the same time the maintenance cost will decrease by about 15-18%. It is important to note that initially China and the Bombardier Corporation disagreed, as the company offered to arrange its workers at the new facility, but the authorities were categorically against it, so there was a compromise - the planes will be serviced by Chinese specialists, but they will be led by specialists of the Canadian company . It is possible that, other things being equal, Bombardier would refuse to take these steps, but in view of the great interest in promoting its brand, it was forced to accept the conditions.



Vice President Aircraft Corporation has announced that the first appearance of Bombardier in China market will lead to the more effective operation of the manufacturer, and in all likelihood, with the advent of the possibility of servicing the aircraft, the Chinese businessmen come to switch to them.



The Chinese authorities also have a great interest in this issue, since it is possible that the future prospects of cooperation may lead to the fact that there will be Bombardier factory producing all types of aircraft from this manufacturer, which means that the cost of the aircraft will be lower, which in turn turn will lead to increased demand. Nevertheless, the data perspective is not currently under discussion, but rather are possible.

According to, the new complex for servicing Bombardier aircraft will increase the influence of this aircraft manufacturer in China, however, it is not necessary to say that this will allow it to catch up with the main giants Airbus and Boeing. However, a strong commitment to this manufacturer's aircraft will give a new impetus to the company's innovation, and it is quite possible that in the next few years, aircraft designers will announce the creation of a new aircraft. In addition, by covering the large Asian sector, Bombardier can attract the attention of investors, which is also important for the company.


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