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Bombardier Aerospace - Canadian aircraft builder, which is part of the corporation Bombardier Inc. It produces aircraft and space technology. It separates the third-fourth place with Brazilian aircraft manufacturers Embaer in rating the world's largest aircraft manufacturing companies. The scale of the production in this area is second only to corporations "Airbus" and "Boeing".


The company's headquarters is located in Dorval, Quebec.


History Bombardier Aerospace


The basis of the Bombardier Aerospace was the company Canadair, which was acquired by Bombardier Corporation in 1986 year. After it was acquired by another aircraft manufacturer Short Brothers from Northern Ireland, who was on the verge of bankruptcy. Next Bombardier Learjet Company purchased the bankrupt from the city of Wichita, Kansas. The last thing the series has expanded the corporation subsidiary of the De Havilland Aircraft of Canada «Boeing», based in Toronto, Ontario.


Currently, Bombardier Aerospace division provides about half the annual revenues of Bombardier Inc.


During its activity the company has built a unique model aircraft 21.


Production Bombardier Aerospace


Bombardier Learjet - range business jets. They confidently holds the leading position among medium and light aircraft. Equipped with the most modern equipment that allows you to fly at high altitudes and speeds, delivering passengers at any airport in the world. These include:


  • Bombardier Learjet 40 XR - has a service ceiling 15,5 km, which allows flights over the major airways, where there is heavy traffic or bad weather conditions. Passenger - 7 people. Salon is the longest, widest and highest of all the aircraft in its class.

  • Bombardier Learjet 45 XR - Administrative plane of the middle class that has, compared to its predecessor, the best fuel-efficient performance, figures climb and cruise speed. It has better resistance to high altitude and hot climate. Passenger - 8 people.

  • Bombardier Learjet 60 XR - the absolute leader in its class for the flight altitude (15 545 m), climb, speed and fuel economy. Cockpit is equipped with the latest generation equipment. The plane is suitable to carry intercontinental flights (up to 4380 km).

  • New Learjet85 is an absolute breakthrough in the field of aircraft (the final shape of the aircraft and its specification is formed at the moment). The newly designed and made of composite materials, it has excellent flight performance, a high degree of comfort in flight, and the latest generation of technology, ranking among medium and light aircraft class.


Bombardier Challenger - line business jets, which consists in the distribution of many reputable airlines in the world. For the perfection and reliability of systems during the execution of these flights phones have earned high praise among airlines and passengers. Put into operation more than 25 years ago, and during that time, total flight data of aircraft amounted to about 3 million. Hours.

  • Bombardier Challenger 300 features inside the cabin full business office. Suitable for performing transcontinental flights with accommodation on board to passengers 9. Reliability, strength and commercial value of the unit made a successful and popular in the market. It has a convertible passenger compartment.

  • Bombardier Challenger 605 12 can carry up to passengers. The aircraft is designed so that you can easily bring in its design and equipment changes that have successfully done based on 25-year experience of operating a similar purpose aircraft. It has a range 7,5 thousand. Km.

  • Bombardier Challenger 850 is an optimal solution combined versatility and comfort of an airplane and administrative strength, reliability airliner regular airlines. The passenger compartment has a lot of different layouts. Seating capacity - up to 14 people. With plaque fleet over 11 million. Hours, Challenger 850 considered a benchmark of administrative aircraft.


The range of the most luxurious and sophisticated aircraft Bombardier Global is designed specifically for people of the highest rank. They have the highest rates on the flight characteristics and the degree of comfort. The interior and exterior of these devices flawless and refined. This enables politicians and leaders of the global economy meeting at the highest level. They are able to deliver their passengers further and faster than all competitors. Bombardier Global - number of planes that possess a unique combination of elegance and power.


  • Bombardier Global 5000 - versatile heavy duty VIP-aircraft, which offers special conditions for a comfortable trip over very long distances (up to 9,5 thousand km.) At tremendous speeds (up to 950 km / h). Passenger - 17 people. Global 5000 experts believe the best in business aviation.

  • Global Express XRS - is the most luxurious modern jet business aircraft with a seating capacity of up to 19 people who ever came on the market. This model was created to meet the needs of the most discerning travelers. Excellence covers everything from modern control room equipment to the silence in the cabin.


Unit sales were previously operated aircraft (Bombardier Pre-Owned Aircraft)


Given the tight control of quality of its products, this division was created to act as an intermediary in the secondary market aircraft released Bombardier Aerospace.


Bombardier Pre-Owned Aircraft is based in Dallas, Texas. Employees in the sales department responsible for the maintenance and inspection of each aircraft. On this basis, Bombardier Inc. confidence in the suitability of their aircraft that were previously in use, and vouches for each aircraft, the issued in its own production.


The company also helps in the purchase or sale of administrative aircraft of its brand in the secondary market, choosing the best option from a professional point of view.


To purchase an aircraft must provide an optional package which includes:

  • guarantees;
  • a complete package of services and programs, such as training of pilots and mechanics;
  • program to execute the engine;
  • financial assistance for the purchase.

It is a universal scheme of purchase and sale of aircraft, successfully functioning in the secondary market aircraft.






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