Britten-Norman Trislander.
Britten-Norman Trislander.

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The BrittenNorman Trislander (officially BN2AMkIIITrislander) is an eighteen-seat, three-engined piston civil aircraft produced in the 1970s and 1980s by the British firm BrittenNorman. The aircraft was manufactured on the Isle of Wight. Also produced in Romania and shipped to the UK via Belgium for certification.

The plane is also known as Joeys in the Channel Islands, the registration number of one of the aircraft AurignyAir Services - G-JOEY.




Trislander fashionably called the development of more famous aircraft BrittenNormanIslander - with greater lifting capacity. Compared with IslanderTrislander has an elongated fuselage, a third motor and a strong chassis. The third motor is mounted on the vertical tail. On Trislander tricycle mounted rigid chassis.

The prototype Trislander, made from one Islander prototype, completed its maiden flight on 11.09.1970/1982/73. Production was phased out in XNUMX, XNUMX aircraft were produced.

Trislander can be used on unsuitable sites and take off from the entire length of the bands 450 meters


Britten-Norman Trislander Salon

Britten-Norman Trislander Salon




BN2A MkIII-1: First modification.

BN2A MkIII-2: High payload and extended length.

BN2A MkIII-3: Modification made for the USA. The motors, which are located on the wing, are equipped with three-blade propellers.

BN2A MkIII-4: III-2 short takeoff

TrislanderM: Military modification.


Osnovyne operators:


 United Kingdom

Blue Islands; Aurigny Air Services; Lydd Air; Loganair.


PARSA; Aero Taxi; Chitreana de Aviacion.

 New Zealand

GreatBarrier Airlines


Wings Airways; Vieques Air Link.


Features Britten-Norman Trislander:


Length: 16,15m.

Height: 4,32m.

Empty weight: 2650kg.

Wingspan: 15,1m.

Wing area: 31,3kv.m.

Maximum speed: 463km. / H.

Cruising speed: 290km / h..

Ceiling: 4010m.

Range with maximum load: 1610km.

Engines: 3 × Lycoming O540E4C.

Link: 3 × 195kVt.

Crew: 1 person.

Number of seats: 18mest.

Maximum takeoff weight: 4536kg.

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