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"The armor is strong," and the helicopters are slow-moving
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"The armor is strong," and the helicopters are slow-moving

"The armor is strong," and the helicopters are slow-moving


"Helicopter Fortress": VCS of Russia is reinforced with 19.09.2017 assault helicopters.

The new Mi-8 "Terminator" will provide superiority ...

Powerful gas turbine engines Klimov VK-2500-03, a new auxiliary power plant TA-14, as well as a fully-updated avionics make the "Terminator", in fact, another helicopter that inherited from its predecessor the best - the design and was filled with modern content. This time the helicopter was thoroughly booked in order to make an effective attack aircraft from it. On the case went a new domestic metal-ceramic armor - lightweight and durable composite. ... The armor protects the crew, engine and important technological units of the helicopter from the turn of the machine gun in the caliber of 12,7 mm.

The new Mi-8 is not inferior to Mi-24 by the nomenclature of used weapons. ... "(politrussia, the Armed Forces).

"Armor protects the crew, ..." After the Mi-28N - almost "flying tank"!

But the trouble is - the "tanks" of the classical scheme are not protected by the tail beam, and by helicopter, as a rule, they shoot from behind. The fact is that they fly in pairs at low altitudes, and cruising speeds are not so hot, so they are first missed, and then they are opened through them with small arms fire and behind the pilots can not be seen: from what and where the fire is from. The tail rotor control is interrupted, and from the large-caliber machine gun it is possible to cut off the tail boom itself, because it is under constant pressure from the tail rotor at the bending moment, and a twisting moment acts on it also through the end beam.

How vulnerable is the tail propeller-the militants in Syria filmed a video of the moment the missile exploded in the vicinity of this propeller of the Mi-35 helicopter: "After the missile hit, the helicopter lost control and" went into uncontrolled rotation. " A few seconds later the helicopter crashed to the ground and immediately exploded - the detonated remains of fuel in the tanks turned the car into a heap of scrap metal. The chances to escape from the crew were not. " (The Mi-35M shot down in Syria got hit in the tail ... / 07 / 09).

Or even simply refuses to control the xv. screw and the sad end of the flight is the same: "06 December 2016. The web hosts a video of the crash of the Mi-17 helicopter, in which Afghan general Mohadine Gori, who commanded one of the seven army corps of the country, was killed. The recording was posted on LiveLeak. The ship collapsed 29 November. It is noted that the accident occurred as a result of a technical malfunction. The helicopter has failed the rear propeller. "

The tail screw with a beam is the pain point of the helicopter, so the REJECTION from the tail rotor in the helicopter design in combat helicopters will mean the same for protection if the xv. The beam is made of "reinforced concrete". A helicopter without a hv. screw is lighter, more maneuverable, more reliable and more productive, i.e. economically more profitable!

It was possible to understand the helicopter designers of the last century, when the hv. the screws did not have an alternative, but at the cost center another 30 ago was proposed a scheme of a single-rotor helicopter without a tail rotor.

An excerpt from the answer: "Now about the tail beam, which you propose to simply discard. If you become acquainted with the design of helicopters that do not have the task of compensating for the reactive moment and there are no steering screws (rotors of TsAGI 11-EA, Ka-22, helicopters coaxial and transverse schemes), you will see that all of them still have a tail boom on which is quite large in area horizontal and vertical tail. Sync. 9.04.86g B.L. Artamonov. Engineer - constructor of 1 category 9.04.86. V.N. Zhuravlev (today - Doctor of Technical Sciences).

By the way, Ka-22 does not have a hard drive. beams, there is a tail part of the fuselage, on which the tail unit is attached, and at TsAGA 11-EA, the keel fixing generally begins almost immediately behind the pilot's cabin. Most likely in VN. Zhuravleva at that time was unimportant with eyesight, but I do not see anything negative if the Ka-27 coaxial helicopter has an xv. beam: it does not have an intermediate gearbox, there is no end beam with a tail reducer and a screw, so it is several times lighter than a hub. beams of the helicopter of the classical scheme and does not burden the helicopter when maneuvering like Mi-28 or Mi-8, but on the contrary it is assisted with the help of tail empennage.

Here is the diagram of the rotorcraft, which, after processing it professionally surfaced in Eurocopter. (Patent number 2445236 - High-speed hybrid helicopter ... Priorities: application: 2008-04-25).


"Armor is strong," and helicopters are slow. 1


"... In such circumstances, the typical task corresponds, for example, to the transport of 16 passengers at a speed of 220 nodes (kt) in a vehicle having a mass of approximately 8 metric tons (t) for delivery to the distance 400 nautical miles (n.miles), at an altitude of 1500 meters (m) in an international standard atmosphere (ISA), defining a standard atmosphere.

Such performance characteristics are highly exceptional in comparison with the performance characteristics of a standard helicopter, for example, the AS 332 MKII type, the applicant, even though its performance is already remarkable, particularly for similar tonnage: the recommended cruising speed of the 141 unit for a similar distance and the fast cruising speed of the 153 node.

High-speed hybrid helicopter with a large radius ... ".

"Such performance characteristics are HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE in comparison with the performance characteristics of a standard helicopter", but the general MVZ Pavlenko NS and (ex) Samusenko AG It is necessary to assume the tail screw with the wisdom of ML. Mila still gives dibs, but in new projects, on the contrary, one should invest money!

But I'm interested in another thing: our dear President Vladimir Putin, who at one time admired Ka-50's flight, does not notice our defense, and indeed our whole economy from the designers of the MVZ and the holding company Helicopters of Russia,

"Progress" aircraft builders ready for serial production of the world's best combat helicopters

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin keeps his promise. Almost immediately after his return from Vladivostok, the head of government said on Russian radio that the first Kamov helicopter of the serial production of the Arsenyev air-building company Progress will be sent to Chechnya. And he was inspired by such a statement most likely the presentation of a supermachine, organized by the governor Evgeny Nazdratenko. V. Putin was shown flight performance of the "Black Shark", specially flown from Arseniev to Vladivostok. It was piloted by test pilot 1 class Colonel Vladimir Horev. The participant of battles in Afghanistan, who fought on universal helicopters of general fire support "Mi-8", the gentleman of several military orders. Here is how V. Horev conveys the impression of the prime minister who personally congratulated the pilot immediately after the helicopter landed:

- Even in the face of Vladimir Putin it was clear that he appreciated our car. And he said shortly: "This is the technique - the spirit captures!"

And it is absolutely incomprehensible that the President, following demonstrative flights of Ka-50, did not believe his eyes, but believed the lie of the ex. Minister of Defense S.Ivanov and now for the protection of the State instead of the world's best, the world's best attack helicopter Ka-50 "Black Shark" comes a mediocre, and even more crude Mi-28N.


Putin's just calls to the military-industrial complex sound today:

"Our army and navy must possess the most advanced weapons, military and special equipment, which take into account, among other things, possible changes in the strategy and tactics of armed struggle in the future and are on the level, and better than foreign counterparts. Because if we want to be ahead, if we want to win, we must be the best. The key indicators of the program (state arms programs - ed.) Should first of all ensure a guaranteed strategic deterrence, and in the event of a potential external threat - its effective neutralization

- Putin said, opening on Monday (20.11.2017) a series of meetings on the development of the Russian defense industry complex. "

Helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator" confidently carried out "effective neutralization" of the tanks of militants, but not "Night hunters".

"The armor is strong," and the helicopters are slow.


These woes - "hunters" in all contests take the last places, and they continue to arm our armed forces, while they should have been removed from service long ago, and replaced by our army pilots with reliable and maneuverable Ka-50; instead of the flying "fortress" Mi-8 "Terminator" launch in a series of compact, faster and safer Ka-32-10AG.

And this is what the Mi helicopters might look like today, if they had accepted a proposal for a single-rotor helicopter without a hub. screw


"The armor is strong," and the helicopters are slow.


instead of the classical scheme invented by our scientist at the beginning of the last century: "In 1910-1911. Boris Nikolayevich Yuryev, now an academician, winner of the Stalin Prize, proposed a single-screw scheme of a helicopter with a steering screw and built a helicopter over it.

Another scheme of the helicopter BN Yuryev became a classical scheme, according to which most helicopters are now being built "(

And here is the news: "New combat training helicopters Mi-28UB is planned to be tested in Syria. Published by 07.08.2017.AviaRu". It's time: the war has come to an end, so you can safely send to the test in Syria Mi-28UB. In advance, I congratulate the designers of the MVZ with the successful completion of tests in "combat" conditions "!!!



Vitalii Belyaev.


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