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UAV model WZ-5, which was made in China, is a new development of machine intelligence, which developed and manufactured on the basis of the city of Beijing Aviation University. Better known is the export name of the machine, namely, Chang Hong-1, abbreviated CH-1. The basis for the development of the aircraft design principles were taken from the American unmanned AQM-34N. This was made possible due to the capture of several models of Chinese military intelligence in American 60-ies.

The creation of the CH-1 (WZ-5) machine started from 70-s of the last century, as a result, the Chinese analog of the American unmanned aerial vehicle was created. It must be said that the machine created had excellent performance, and therefore it was adopted by China from 1978. The main task of the device was to perform reconnaissance operations and aerial photography of the necessary territory. For this purpose, a camera and cameras were included in the set of equipment, in addition, an infrared sensor was installed. The launch of the WZ-5 was conducted using an aircraft, the first models were installed on a Tu-4 bomber. On the UAV began to launch the vehicle from the transport plane model Y-8E. For the first time the military application of the WZ-5 was carried out in 1979 in the conflict between Vietnam and China. It should be noted that these machines are currently in service.

BUAACH-1WZ-5. Characteristics:

Modification WZ-5
Wingspan, m 9.76
Length m 8.97
Height, m 2.18
Weight, kg  
null 1060
fuel 620
payload 65
maximum take-off 1700
engine's type 1 TRD WP-11
Thrust, kN X 1 8.33
Maximum speed km / h 800
Range, km 2500
Flight duration, h 3
Practical ceiling, m 17500


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