Fast and efficient: the prospect of environmentally friendly light aircraft
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Fast and efficient: the prospect of environmentally friendly light aircraft

Fast and efficient: the prospect of environmentally friendly light aircraft.

Eco-friendly aircraft are to press the sector of small aircraft by the year 2020. With such a hypothesis made by British experts, who believe that through the development of environmentally friendly air transport, light aircraft sector in the near future may be displaced by that obviously creates a lot of inconvenience to the world's largest aircraft manufacturers involved in this field.

This is due mainly to the fact that in the UK not so long ago have been successfully tested light aircraft E-GO, able at the moment to carry on its board of only one person, but it is believed to experts, by the 2018 year, the capacity of these aircraft can be increased to 3-4 people, that naturally creates prospects for conventional light aircraft and ultra-light type.

At the moment, it is known that the E-GO is able to cover distances up to 611 kilometers, which in some cases already exceeds ultra-light aircraft, and travel at speeds up to 222 km / h, which is in some cases higher than that of light-engine aircraft . Experts believe that in the near future two- and four-seater aircraft of this type will be developed, allowing air travel at distances up to 850 kilometers at cruising speed in 235 km / h. the relative cost of one flight hour will be about 80-25 dollars, which is much cheaper than similar aircraft equipped with internal combustion engines. Among other things, taking into account the environmental features of such aircraft, it is worth assuming that prospective owners will be offered possible benefits, which should also lead to interest in buying such aircraft.

Experts believe that the development of environmentally friendly aircraft allows us to give a strong impetus to the development and other aircraft companies, due to which, it is assumed that, in reality, to 2020, the aircraft of this type are very widely distributed throughout the world, and to 2030 year may be about 50% of all funds used light aircraft in the world.

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