Centrifugal pumps (GTE)
Centrifugal pumps (GTE)

Centrifugal pumps (GTE)

Centrifugal pumps have great performance with low mass, insensitive to fuel pollution. Their main disadvantage is low efficiency at modes with low fuel consumption and insufficient head at low speed, since the fuel pressure at the output of such a pump is proportional to the square of the rotational speed. This makes it difficult to use them in the launch modes and near the MG mode, and such pumps are not used to supply fuel to the ACS. The scope of the centrifugal pump is a preliminary increase in the fuel pressure at the inlet to the fuel system (the pumping pump) and the fuel supply to the afterburner. The control body of this pump is a throttle valve at the outlet.

Shows a typical turbine engine fuel supply systems without the FCC with the FCC.

In modern STF, a two-stage increase in fuel pressure is carried out. In fuel supply systems of a motor without a FCC, for example TRDD, fuel from the aircraft's fuel tank by a centrifugal Pump with electric drive ESP is supplied to the motor centrifugal pumping pump DTSN and then through the fuel oil heat exchanger TMTms, designed to cool the oil in the lubrication system, to the fuel filter F. The filter has bypass A PC valve for temporary fuel transfer to the inlet of the high pressure UHV pump when the filter is clogged with mechanical impurities or ice. The filter is equipped with a maximum permissible differential pressure indicator.

From NVD fuel supplied to the metering device and further to control the fuel distributor PT for collectors of the combustion chamber and its injectors. There are pole-mounted circuit with separate fuel metering for each collector (no RT). Fuel is supplied from DTSN in toplivomaslyany TMTppo exchanger for cooling oil in the constant speed drive (PPO) generator.

When used as a gear pump NVD excessive engine at high altitude flight conditions of the fuel from the entrance to the metering device DTSN bypassed to the output (shown by a bypass line). To reduce the temperature of the fuel, it may be bypassed after DTSN in an airplane tank via the fuel valve bypass CBT.

Emergency emptying the fuel tanks of the aircraft is carried out in such a scheme STP priming pump through the drain valve fuel KST. All pumps are driven from the shaft gearbox assemblies of the CPA, the input shaft which rotates the rotor of a high-pressure engine.

Gear pump high-pressure constructively often combined in one unit HP (pump control) with hydromechanical control and metering device. The electronic control unit is a type FADECtakoy its actuator.

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