Cessna 150. Characteristics. A photo
Cessna 150. Characteristics. A photo

Cessna 150. Characteristics. A photo


Cessna 150 - small-engine multipurpose aircraft developed by the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna in the middle of 50-ies. Thanks to its reliability, ease of operation and low cost maintenance, the aircraft is one of the most popular models during the existence of the American aircraft manufacturers.


Photo Cessna FRA150L Aerobat


The first flight of the aircraft took place in Cessna 150 1957 year, however. The first prototype of a series of required improvements, which is why the aircraft of this model came into production only 1959 year. Unlike previous models of light-aircraft Cessna, the aircraft was initially focused on the private use and improved performance have led to the fact that for all the time, during the mass production of aircraft with 1959 on 1977 year produced more than 23 thousand units of these aircraft, of which about 21 thousand used to the present time.


Cessna 150 photo


The base model had Cessna 150 piston engine Continental O-200, which allows us to develop the aircraft power 100 hp, which was more than enough to carry two or three passengers on its board. However, later, virtually every year thereafter, from the Cessna's aircraft manufacturers have modified the existing model, to give it the most modern specifications.

Total of 18 years of production aircraft Cessna 150 16 aware of the existence of different modifications.

  • Cessna 150 - basic production model, equipped with a piston engine Continental O-200 100 capacity hp and has a maximum take-off weight in kilograms 680;
  • Cessna 150A - modified model, which has improved properties control shifted to the stern of the chassis and an increased viewing panel. The model comes with 1961 years, and during the production, from the conveyor descended 344 unit;
  • Cessna 150B - modification produced a year 1962, which present a new propeller, increasing airspeed on 4 km \ h in comparison with the model of Cessna 150. It was made 331 unit of this model.
  • Cessna 150C - modifications include improved system chassis. I began to make a 1963 years, and during the issue came to light 472 unit of this model;
  • Cessna 150D - modified model, with its presence in the cab rear window, as well as with the available luggage space, and increased cruising speed of flight. In the period of 1964 1977 804 year it was produced aircraft of this model;
  • Cessna 150E - improvement affected only seat on the plane, however, thanks to the management plane became more comfortable, which ultimately made the modification of the current quite popular among buyers;
  • Cessna 150F - deeply modernized the basic model of the aircraft, characterized by its design as the original, and a number of technical features, including new brakes, remote-controlled flaps and .t.d. Nevertheless, in view of the fact that the upgraded model has turned out extremely expensive, only produced 67 units;
  • Cessna 150G - completely redesigned dashboard, increased internal space of the cabin, replaced the generator and reduced fuel consumption. Modification Cessna 150G produced between 1967 1977 of the year, and during that time was made 2114 units such aircraft;
  • Cessna 150H - model has undergone changes in the design of the control panel, and in addition, the plane began to be used with electrically operated flaps that facilitate control of the aircraft;
  • Cessna 150I - upgraded model with a number of improved performance, however, due to lack of sufficient number of orders, mass production of this version have not received;
  • Cessna 150J - starter model was modified, but because of the low reliability and costly repairs, the conveyor descended 1854 aircraft;
  • Cessna 150K - deeply upgraded model with distinctive design features with enhanced strength and stiffness of the fuselage and intended primarily for use to perform complex maneuvers;
  • Cessna 150L - improved technical and flight characteristics of the aircraft was allowed to pick up speed in 234 km \ h and the extended cab allows the flights to more comfortable surroundings;
    • Cessna FRA150L Aerobat - an upgraded model of the aircraft Cessna 150L, designed for aerobatic flight, including at high speeds;
  • Cessna 150M - model included nearly fully modernized avionics, increased keel and rudder, as well as increased strength capacity of the fuselage. Of the family of airplanes Cessna 150, the current model is the most maneuverable;
    • Cessna FRA150M - an upgraded version of the Cessna 150M, equipped engine Rolls-Royce Continental O-240-A.


Cessna 150 cabin


Currently, most of the aircraft Cessna 150 is in private collections, and is also used for the flying school training future pilots.


Specifications Cessna 150.


  • Crew: 1 pilot;
  • Passenger capacity: 1 people (allowed additional transportation two children weighing no more than 54 kilos);
  • Length of aircraft: 7,29 m. (Depending on version);
  • Wingspan: 10,12 m. (Depending on version);
  • Plane Height: 2,59 m (depending on version).
  • Empty weight: 509 kg. (depending on version);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 726 kg (depending on version);
  • Cruising speed: 152 km \ h (depending on version);
  • Maximum speed: 202 km \ h (depending on version);
  • The maximum distance flight: 778 km. (depending on version);
  • Maximum height of flight: 4300 m. (Depending on version);
  • Engine Type: Piston;
  • Powerplant: Continental O-200-A (depending on modification);
  • Power: 100 hp (Depending on version).


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