Cessna 208 Caravan
Cessna 208 Caravan

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Cessna 208 Caravan «Cessna 208» (Cessna 208ACaravan, 208BGrand Caravan, CaravanAmphibian) - lightweight single-engine turboprop airplane American general application to the chassis, which is not removed. Produced by "Cessna" in various versions with 1984 years (cargo, passenger, amphibious aircraft, trucks,). Used on air lines of short duration.

The crew of the aircraft includes a pilot (in the performance of commercial flights using instrument flight rules - two pilots), the base model carries nine passengers (up to thirteen passengers plus one pilot with permission FAA).




Design turboprop aircraft for general aviation use began in 1980 year. The prototype Cessna 208 Caravan took off 08.08.1982, then for two years to carry out work on certification and testing. First launched in a series of plane appeared in 1984, while the Federal Aviation Administration issued a certificate for the aircraft Flight suitability.


Cessna 208 Caravan 321


More in 1983 year ,, during the operation of the aircraft, received an order for the cargo version of the large aircraft carrier - Federal Express. A variation called «Cargomaster» was developed on the basis of Cessna208, the customer put 40 devices. Continued cooperation from Federal Express entered the second order. It was designed advanced aircraft - Super Cargomaster, his trial began on lёtnuyu suitability 03.03.1986. Flight Certificate of suitability received 1988 year contracts set 260 aircraft. This aircraft was manufactured in the passenger performing in 1990, a variation called Grand Caravan.




Customers at the end of the year 1989 370 put more planes Cessna208. The turn of a thousand vehicles crossed into 1998. More than sixty percent of this number sold in other countries.

The aircraft can operate in various conditions of use in different climatic zones. Produced variations on different chassis, which is equipped with a glider Cessna208. Apart from the ordinary gear wheels there converted options for snow skiing conditions, with an option for large buses are not equipped with airfields and the variant with amphibious floats for CaravanAmphibian.


Cessna 208 Caravan Salon

Cessna 208 Caravan Salon


The fuselage can be equipped with a cargo compartment or passenger seats. The passenger seats are arranged in four rows of three or two. Such a modification allows, if necessary, to take on board up to thirteen passengers. The ratio between the number of passengers and the number of cargo can be different: you can remove any number of seats, freeing for cargo and luggage space or leaving a free space. The use of podnishchevym cargo holdings significantly increases the aircraft's capabilities. With the help of them, you can make a large cargo capacity, or put additional seats for passengers by moving the passengers' luggage from the passenger compartment to these compartments.

Work on the safety of flights, corresponding to modern requirements and convenience of the pilot does not stop: 28.04.2008 Cessna announced that Garmin G1000 navigation system will install in the cockpit. It has a computerized graphic displays as a hardware default on all modern airplanes Caravan.




Apart from the two tasks assigned to the project - the transportation of goods and passengers, made more variation and military aircraft.

Transportation of passengers

1984 Cessna208. Caravan I. Basic initial version

1986 Cessna208. GrandCaravan. A longer version with a capacity of up to thirteen passengers

1990 Cessna208B. GrandCaravan. A longer version with a capacity of up to thirteen passengers. Later, we began to put a more powerful engine PT6A114A

1997 Cessna 208675. Installed more than thirteen

1997 CaravanAmphibian. Replaced wheel chassis on the floats (consisting of floats there are also wheels)

1997 SoloyPathfinder21. Soloy sets on the plane two motors PT6D114A, which rotate a propeller.

2013 Cessna208B. GrandCaravanEX. Install a more powerful motor PT6A140.

Transportation of goods

1984 Cessna208A. Cargomaster. Added all-weather airborne equipment fuselage windowless ventral container.

1998 Cessna208V SuperCargomaster. Compared to Cessna208A Cargomaster fuselage longer on 1.2 meters.


Sandartnogo scheme salon

Cessna 208 Caravan scheme salon


The main operators:



Sky Service.



Ak Bars Aero.


Patagonia Airlines.


SETELinhas Aéreas.


ConcretMix SA


Aeroperlas; Air Panama.


Air Caraïbes; Finist'air.


Aerocivil (regulator).


Castle Aviation; Federal Express; Kenmore Air; Mokulele Airlines; NewMexico Airlines; PacificWings Airlines; PriorityAir Charter.


The characteristics of the aircraft Cessna Caravan:


Length: 12,67m.

Height: 4,52m.

Empty weight: 2050kg.

Wingspan: 15,88m.

Wing area: 25,96kv.m.

Maximum speed: 352km / h..

Cruising speed: 341km / h..

Ceiling: 4200m.

Range with maximum load: 1200km.

Engines: 1hTVD PrattWhitney Canada PT6A114A.

Link: 1h503KVt.

Crew: 1-2cheloveka.

Number of seats: 9-13mest.

Cargo capacity in the cargo version: 1315kg.

Weight Fuel 1009t.

Maximum takeoff weight: 3969t.

the run length: 585m.


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