Cessna Citation X +
Cessna Citation X +

Cessna Citation X + Photo. Characteristics. Business class speed model.


The fastest aircraft in the world, has made a series of high-speed flights over the United States. Model Cessna Citation X + - is a certified model of business-class. In the summer of 2014 years 4 flight between the cities of Seattle and Miami have been committed. 2375 km distance aircraft overcame 4 52 minutes hours with an average speed 486,2 knots per hour. The previous speed record was set on the aircraft model Gullfstream G 650 X + and was 0.925 Maxa.


The structural elements of the aircraft device


Cessna Citation X + - is the average aircraft business jet class, assembled at the plant Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita (KS).


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The first flight prototype was made 21 December 1993 year, and mass production began in 1996 year. The Cessna Citation X + model differs greatly from the earlier models Cessna 3, 4, 7. Wing, tail, tail cone have been changed, which have been developed anew. Cessna X + is the first model on which the new Rolls-Royce engine and fully integrated avionics are installed. The aircraft used a number of innovative design features - a two-circuit, less noisy aircraft engine. Another notable feature is the wing of the supercritical aerodynamic profile, designed to improve the flight speed. The wing is installed below the fuselage, which allows to increase its volume and strengthen the rigidity of the structure due to a new connection.

The new Rolls-Royce engine used a special form of turbine blades that reduce noise and increase its capacity.

The aircraft is equipped with new avionics Honeywell Primus 2000 EFIS, which includes 5 special monitors. aircraft control system has dublirovku together with the GPS.


Cessna Citation X + Salon


Technical characteristics of the aircraft Cessna Citation X +


The crew consists of a pilot 2. The passenger compartment is designed to 12 passengers. Dimensions of the aircraft length -22.05 meters, wingspan - 19.38 m, height - 5.84 m. Wing area - 48.96 sq.m. Aircraft Weight (dry) kg equality 9798. Maximum take-off weight - 16374 kg. The power plant consists of 2 engines Rolls-Royce Allison AE 3007C. Maximum speed - 0.935 Maxa. Cruising speed - 972 km / h, the height of flight - 10700 m. Range - 5956 km. Maximum height - 15545 m. The length of the runway for take-off - 1567 m landing - 1036 m. The capacity of the fuel tanks - 7291 l.


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