Cessna Citation X. Photo. Characteristics. Story.
Cessna Citation X. Photo. Characteristics. Story.

Cessna Citation X



  • Plane CessnaCitationX was first announced in 1990 year.
  • It created and began flight tests of the first prototype model in September 1993.
  • Serial production of the aircraft began in September 1994.
  • The aircraft received a certificate from the FAA in May 1996.
  • The first aircraft in August 1996 CessnaCitationX delivered to the customer: the owner of the aircraft was American legendary golfer Arnold Palmer.


Cessna Citation X Photo

Cessna Citation X Photo



Cessna Citation X - is the fastest civilian aircraft of the world. He came to in order to overcome the sound barrier, its cruising speed is a little less 1000km / hour.

All aircraft type Cessna Citation X, which operate in the world at the moment, produced about a million landings and takeoffs. If you add all the routes flown by these aircraft, the result will be four flights from the Sun to the Earth. The average duration of the active life of the aircraft of this brand more than the service life of many other private jets.

Team CitationX type aircraft developers continues to continuously improve its own offspring, tracking all design and engineering and technological research innovations in the field of aircraft to be used in the next variation of the aircraft all the best achievements of human thought.

Buying aircraft Cessna Citation X, you can get not only the aircraft, but and fully service. The manufacturer has formed the world's largest network of service and support aircraft, which are found in all parts of the world. Cessna aircraft owners offers qualified support around the clock; via the official website, you can get all the necessary n technical information and information on all the new services and products that are provided by the company.


Cessna Citation X cockpit

Cessna Citation X cockpit


Features aerodynamics

Typically, the fastest aircraft in the greatest need of fuel. However CessnaCitationX - not a conventional aircraft. With engines from the company RollsRoyce and excellent aerodynamics, CessnaCitationX has become one of the best in terms of efficiency of aircraft in the history of business aviation. The world's fastest business jet is both the most advanced in relation to aerodynamics. As a result, its fuel consumption is associated with a much more low-speed aircraft in this category, which are able to carry a much smaller number of passengers.

In the design of this aircraft special attention was paid to it proektirvoaniyu best aerodynamic qualities: each projection and each contour and the housing has been designed in such a way to reduce the resistance to air flow, increase the efficiency and speed of the aircraft.

Wings CessnaCitationX type aircraft are deflected back at an angle of 37 degree: the leader among all business jets. Yet it has excellent stability when landing and taking off, and the special shape of the wings gives him the opportunity to greatly reduce air resistance and additionally reduce fuel consumption.


Cessna Citation X cabin

Cessna Citation X cabin



An interesting paradox: one of the most luxurious and beautiful places in the world are often located at a distance of several kilometers from the earth's surface. Even more ironic is the fact that getting to the place is so attractive, people leave it so quickly. Quickly and quietly aircraft Cessna Citation X delivers its passengers to their destination in a very short time.

The cabin is the subject of special pride of the developers of the model Cessna: the most extraordinarily beautiful, spacious and very wide. Elastic and soft chairs, comfortable armrests and headrests, a lot of space to hold a seat in a horizontal position for a comfortable sleep.

interior length - more than seven meters. There is a heated and spacious luggage compartment, which has a size greater than two cubic meters, which is suitable for large and oversized baggage.

Construction of the cabin is able to have a different configuration. The most common option - eight-salon with a bar, a spacious wardrobe for hand luggage and outdoor clothing, luggage and dressing room in the ship's tail.

But this option is not mandatory: the design of the inner liner Cessna Citation X cabin can be completely individual, which is made, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. You can choose the color and quality of the fabric, leather, wood and other decorative materials, to choose your accommodation option kitchen unit, interior partitions, communications hub, accommodation cabin crew and other relevant items. The vast space in the aircraft makes it possible to implement all the designer fantasies.


The characteristics of the aircraft Cessna Citation X:


  • Range: 5686km

  • Cruising speed: 973km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 15545m

  • The highest take-off weight: 16375kg

  • The greatest number of passengers: 11

  • The best number of passengers: 8

  • interior length: 7.29m

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 1.68m

  • Cabin height: 1.73m

  • The volume of the passenger compartment: 16.79kub.m

  • Length: 22.04m

  • Height: 5.86m

  • Wingspan: 19.48m


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