What aerophobia?
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What aerophobia?

What aerophobia?


Everyone is faced with different kinds of phobias. One of these unpleasant things that are familiar to most people who like to travel is aerophobia. What's this? Let's see what it is and what it eats. Aerophobia, it is one of a fairly common disease in our world, which implies in itself, fear of flight in an airplane.

How to get rid from aerophobia?

Of course, a person who uses air transport constantly, is unlikely to have aerophobia, most often people who fly one or two times a year are sick with aerobics (possibly less often). The essence of the disease lies in the fact that it seems to passengers that all the time that the plane will fail, for example, one of the systems will fail, so the design of the aircraft is made in such a way that there is always a reserve, that is, if one system fails, there is always The system that will replace it. It is due to this fact that it can be observed that the statistics of accidents on the ground far exceed the statistics of airspace.

Fight aerophobiaYou need in advance!

What aerophobia?

Of course, if you know that you expect the flight, and in anxious feelings, you should think about how to get rid of them. Do not sit down and count the remaining time before the flight, and go do what you distract. Do not view the recent incident that occurred in airspace, so as not to sharpen the feelings of anxiety, it is better read a book or take a walk in the fresh air, for example, walk to shop or drink a cup of coffee or tea.

How to overcome aerophobia?


The most efficient way to Combat aerophobia, There will be frequent flights, but this requires financial costs, which not everyone can afford in the fight against the disease. Only you and no one can overcome the phobia, so do not panic, and try to treat the flight as easily and safely as possible, if you can not calm down before the flight, it is necessary to maintain calm during the flight. The perfect and the most simple way will get carried away by a laptop or player, having in advance thought up that there you can throw to forget about the flight for a while. If this option does not suit you, then during the flight, you just close your eyes and count from one thousand to zero, or imagine that you are somewhere in a good place with a warm climate. Do not pay attention to the sound of engines or the behavior of flight attendants, because you do not need it.

What aerophobia?

Just pay attention to the things that you can compress, for example: safety belt, tie, buttons on a shirt or other things necessary to make the flight as comfortable as possible, and your location in the chair, of course, it affects. Just pay attention to your breathing during the flight, it must be deep and smooth as possible.

What aerophobia?

Another advised to align your back and raise your eyes, it promotes confidence and an end to fear. If the flight is a large ship (Layner-airbus), You can even just get up and walk around the cabin, paying attention to the other passengers, and all for what happens in the cabin. As far as possible try to talk someone or whether such a casual conversation will make the flight imperceptible. One way to eliminate the fear can be considered and the adoption of special preparations, but it is necessary to take into account their effect on the body during the flight, so this option remains on the bench spare.

Alcohol - no treatment.


Do not take large amounts of alcohol during the flight, it is justified by the fact that the flight is a loss of a certain body of water, aided by alcohol. An experiment was conducted in which the pre-flight was cut a lemon into two parts, at the end of the flight has been desiccated lemon, so think about the fact that a similar process takes place with your body and whether or not to drink alcohol during the flight.

What aerophobia?


Everyone makes their own choices, picking trucks for travel by air flights but have not lost their popularity and are still one of the most rapid transport. Do not waste, time on a long journey, but rather get rid of phobias and save time on flying!

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Flying in an airplane with a child four times a year, in the summer and winter holidays with relatives, I always had trouble, even knowing that at the helm of his father. Dad all the ways I was preparing to fly: acquainted with the crew (this is the most effective way for me to calm down), sometimes the pill, often tucked to the child or the grandmother, which I had to take care of the entire flight. And if the flight took place in good weather conditions, the time flies by, I found new friends, and get down from the plane with a slight sadness of parting.