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Cicaré CK.1. Photo. Characteristics.
Cicaré CK.1. Photo. Characteristics.

Cicaré CK.1


CicaréCK.1 (originally CicaréCH-3Colibrí) - light civil helicopter.

Designed and manufactured by Argentine Cicaré. Past projects Cicaré attracted the attention of the Argentine Air Force and 1974 the company received an order to design a light training helicopter.

The prototype has a board room LVX62 made its first flight in September 1976, and at the same time the Air Force placed an order for the production of five cars, the first of which arrived in 1977. A short time later the project was closed.

Features helicopter Cicaré CK.1:



  • Crew: 1

  • The greatest number of passengers: 2

  • Powerplant: 1 × V-8 PDChrysler or 1 × Cicaré4C27

  • Power: 150kVt or 200l.s.

  • The diameter of the rotor: 7,60m

  • Length with rotating propellers: 8,53m

  • Fuselage length: 6,90m

  • Height: 2,47m

  • Width: 1,80m

  • Takeoff Weight: 800kg

  • Empty weight: 469kg

  • Maximum speed: 163km / h

  • The speed at FL: 120km / h

  • Static ceiling out of ground effect: 1700m

  • Range: 480km.


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