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Convair (Consolidated) B-36
Convair (Consolidated) B-36

Convair (Consolidated) B-36



Convair (Consolidated) B-36 - super-heavy bomber of the Air Force United States was adopted and began to enter the combat units at the end of 1946 According to their tactical and technical characteristics, he had no equal at that time, was the definition of " sverhbombardirovschik. " The plane-36 could reach anywhere in the world, while having a bomb load of several thousand kilograms. The aircraft was found six piston engines "Wasp-Major" power of 3500 l. from. In addition to these engines are four jet engine J-47 2025 kg of thrust.


Convair (Consolidated) B-36 photo

Convair (Consolidated) B-36 photo


Performance characteristics

Convair (Consolidated) B-36



  • Aircraft Length m 49,7

  • Wingspan, m 70

  • Bomb load with reduced

  • flight range, kg 38 000

  • Bomb load when the distance to the target 16 000 km

  • (to return), kg 4500

  • flight speed, km / h over 700

  • Ceiling, m 13 500

  • Crew 15



Convair (Consolidated) B-36 2 photo

Convair (Consolidated) B-36 photo


The latest model of the aircraft B-36D descended from the conveyor of 14 1954 August
The cost of the plane-36 - 1 542 000 dollars.


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