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Cypher - Multi-Purpose UAV, developed by Sikorsky Aircraft. DARPA offered Sikorsky companies to execute the order on the construction of the UAV in 1986 year. A year later, after all the agreements the company has started to work. In the design process the designers have used several advanced technology at that time - Fantailtechnology Boeing and Advancing Blade Concept company Sikorsky. The full version of the UAV has been prepared for testing in 1990 year, and a year later the developer prepared a demonstrator Cypher-TD, which first flew in April 16 92-year. The second demonstrator model was constructed for the purpose of the program DoD ASRT (Autonomous Scout Rotorcraft Testbed).

Turnkey Cypher flew into the air in 1996 year. By developing the corporation joined Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, who made a great contribution in developing a program. UAV equipped with a TV camera and automatic recognition purposes ATR (Automatic Target Recognition). In addition, the UAV set a container with sensors that can include infrared, acoustic and optical sensors. Takeoff and landing are held vertically. Transportation is carried out after the operation of the platform mounted on a truck-type HMMWV.

UAV has a relatively small size. Its mass, together with a payload of 113 kg. Inside the fuselage-mounted engine of the type AP UEL AR 801 52 kg with traction, which allows him to develop a cruising speed of at least 130 km / h. Service ceiling UAV is 2440 m.

Cypher. Characteristics:

Modification Cypher
The diameter of the fuselage, m 1.90
The diameter of the rotor, m 1.20
Height, m 0.55
Weight, kg  
null 75
takeoff 113
fuel 22.50
engine's type 1 AP UEL AR 801
Thrust, kgf X 1 52
Cruising speed, km / h 130
The duration of the flight, ch.min 2.30
Tactical km radius 30
Practical ceiling, m 2440
Payload: 22.7 kg


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